Record of 2016 Liugong domestic dealers' annual bu

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2016 Liugong domestic dealers annual business conference record

2016 Liugong domestic dealers annual business conference record

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"I hope all old friends can maintain the 'barefoot spirit' and take off again with Liugong!" Under the leadership of Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong group, 10 dealer bosses who have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Liugong ran barefoot on the stage, reliving their entrepreneurial enthusiasm in those years

record of 2016 Liugong domestic dealers' annual business conference

on December 21, 2016 Liugong domestic dealers' annual business conference was held around the theme of "we have no choice • breakthrough". More than 400 people including Liugong's leaders and representatives of dealers, customers and excellent employees from all over the country attended the meeting to discuss how Liugong could overcome difficulties and take off again under the new situation

the record of 2016 Liugong domestic dealers' annual business conference

Zeng Guang'an, chairman of Liugong group

Zeng Guang'an, chairman of Guangxi Liugong group, after analyzing the global and China's economic situation, including the situation of China's construction machinery industry, and interpreting the "2020 Liugong strategy", put forward six requirements to domestic dealers: unswerving mutual trust and contract spirit with Liugong, and highly consistent in development strategy and concept; Unswervingly improve the market coverage, participation rate and transaction rate of products, and become industry leaders in their respective regions; Attach great importance to the marketing of Liugong's whole series of products, especially the differentiated marketing of Liugong's small product line; Conscientiously implement the "customer value-added 4.0" marketing strategy and implement it in all product lines; Properly handle the creditor's rights and debts with customers, leasing companies and Liu Gong as soon as possible. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at the Symposium on resolving excess production capacity and achieving poverty relief and development in the iron and steel and coal industry held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province: ldquo; last year; Rekindle the fighting passion of adolescence, maintain the "barefoot spirit" and realize entrepreneurship again

Zeng Guangan also encouraged the dealers that in the five years of the 13th five year plan, the continuous adjustment of macroeconomic structure is accompanied by challenges and opportunities, which we still need to experience and face together. With the implementation of national strategies such as intelligent interconnection, modern energy development, integrated transportation system, new urbanization, regional economic development, and the the Belt and Road, the construction machinery industry still has broad prospects. I hope that old friends can continue to cooperate, innovate, survive and develop with Liugong, and experience the happiness of rebirth with Liugong

Yu chuanfen, President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yu chuanfen, President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech at the meeting, in-depth analysis of the situation in China's economic transformation period, the initial results of supply side reform, the gradual improvement of industrial ownership, and the gradual recovery of operating rate, All these reflect that China's economy has begun to significantly bottom out and stabilize after five years of decline and has entered the stage of gradual recovery. Economic transformation will inevitably lead to significant changes in customer demand and competition mode. Competition is gradually changing from price and product competition to value competition in the whole value chain. Yu chuanfen also introduced that Liugong had basically completed the launch of replacement products in 2016, with a total of 12 new products and 9 new products in four stages in Europe and the United States. The global post market support system is advancing steadily, the reform of domestic marketing system is advancing in an orderly manner, and Liugong's marketing strategy customer value-added 4.0 is advancing in an orderly manner

Yu chuanfen finally put forward hopes and requirements to dealers: strengthen confidence in China's economic and industrial development, and the advantages of the industry and Liugong are gradually accumulating, combining the long and short, and balancing the current and future; The return and dedication of the dealer boss, reform and innovation; Only with a correct understanding of win-win cooperation and honest cooperation can we continue to create value; Actively and continuously improve the market development ability, company management ability and modern enterprise management ability; Service ability, network coverage and improving participation are the eternal competitiveness of the construction machinery industry; Unswervingly promote the marketing transformation of Liugong - customer value-added 4.0 marketing strategy

2016 Liugong domestic dealers annual business conference record

Yu Yajun, vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., made arrangements for marketing work at the meeting. He first briefly analyzed the development of the industry and the changes in customer demand, reviewed the main marketing activities in 2016, and checked the outstanding dealer representatives and the new dealers this year. Then it makes an in-depth analysis and elaboration on the 2020 Liugong strategy - marketing drive, and puts forward the domestic complete machine sales target in 2017, and the marketing measures deployed to achieve this goal: marketing organization reform, key customer measures, the models available in the channel may need more efforts to improve, credit control, Liugong comprehensive solutions, and customer value-added 4.0 implementation planning

Yu Yajun put forward his views and requirements at the end of his speech: we need to closely focus on the common development of a group of key and loyal customers; During the short period of automatically calculating the maximum strength, upper and lower yield strength at the end of the war test of the 13th five year plan, ensure that marketing drive becomes the key driving force; We need to cultivate a number of excellent dealers with marketing and service support capabilities; Channel ability, thinking transformation and joint discussion on the future; Promote the transformation of modern corporate governance structure and actively promote the management of the board of directors; "Customer value-added 4.0" is the main line of work throughout the 13th Five Year Plan period; Clean and honest marketing! Liugong and dealers are not only win-win, but also win-win! Mutual credit commitments! Change in inheritance and development in transformation

2016 Liugong domestic dealers annual business conference record

liaojihua, assistant to the president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., made arrangements for the global post market business at the meeting. He first showed the main business composition of the global post market and the organizational structure of the post market business. Clarified the transformation and positioning of the global post market business division. Then it reviews the post-2016 market business, including five businesses: service, accessories, remanufacture, product technical support, and training, and plans the 2017 sales plan and key post market work

Liao Jihua finally explained the core concerns of dealers to dealers: completely change business ideas from focusing on products to focusing on customer needs; Make full use of customer resources, actively look for possible business opportunities, repair, accessories, remanufacture, secondary repair, and other extended services; Technology marketing is the future trend, so we must build a strong technical support team; Make the purchase plan and inventory plan of accessories, improve the delivery rate of accessories and improve the efficiency of capital operation; The capacity of the stock market is huge, and there are many opportunities for industry customers. Actively look for opportunities for reverse coverage, and take general parts as a breakthrough; Win win cooperation and sharing economic model is the inevitable trend in the future; Strengthen the management of three guarantee parts and cultivate customers' good habits

record of 2016 Liugong domestic dealers' annual business conference

in the afternoon of the 21st, the guests went to Liugong global R & D center to personally experience the excellent performance of Liugong's new generation of a full range of products and understand the industry's customer solutions. At the event site, the guests took a test drive of Liugong's new series of products, and then watched and understood Liugong's display of customer solutions in four industries in detail

Liugong comprehensive solution is committed to meeting customers' personalized needs, providing a variety of combinations of complete sets of equipment in multiple industries, and providing value-added services along the value chain of the circulation field. So that customers should replace the original parts to maximize the benefits and value

subsequently, the 2016 Liugong domestic marketing award ceremony was held ceremoniously. Liugong awarded collective and individual awards such as cooperation achievement award, comprehensive contribution award, sales/service pacesetter, etc. to excellent dealers, excellent salespersons and excellent service personnel

the domestic construction machinery industry has been declining for five years, and now shows signs of recovery. Facing the ups and downs of key downstream industries and the higher and more comprehensive needs of customers, the competition pattern of the industry is undergoing great changes. However, Liugong has been investing in and integrating product technology and quality in the past five years, and now stands at a new level of technology and product competition. In 2016, the market performance of Liugong loaders, excavators, cranes, rollers, graders and bulldozers was good. Liugong's continuous investment in product research and development, attention to quality and brand improvement are gradually transforming into the advantages of Liugong in market competition and the cornerstone of the steady improvement of its market position

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