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XCMG foundation Nigerian pile frame project completion acceptance record

XCMG foundation Nigerian pile frame project completion acceptance record

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on the occasion of autumn and winter, the industry once again focuses on Nigeria. In this harvest season, after four months of hard work, the largest export order of the pile hammer project industry has been assembled and accepted. At present, the machine has been delivered for construction. XCMG foundation Nigeria project team and relevant members of the import and export company overcame many difficulties, passed on the spirit of friendship and cooperation, and polished the gold lettered signboard of XCMG brand in Africa with ingenuity

the largest export order of the pile hammer project industry has completed the assembly and acceptance

the brand of XCMG, a big country and heavy equipment, is amazing in Africa

for users, in addition to the speculative factors of commodity trade, this project is a new challenge. Users have no experience in sinking and pouring construction, and the on-site construction technology can only rely on XCMG. Faced with the demanding high-end needs put forward by users again and again, the members of the project team have overcome one problem after another after full preparation in the early stage and continuous adjustment of the construction scheme on site. At present, most of the machines have officially entered the construction stage. With the continuous familiarity of the machine operators with the operation of the equipment, so far, a single machine can complete more than 10 piles per shift (8 hours), which is 3 times higher than the construction efficiency of local traditional equipment. XCMG has won high praise from users with excellent products and services

the project is the third largest refinery in the world. After completion, it can bring many employment opportunities to the local people domestically and greatly stimulate the economic development of Nigeria

the brand of XCMG, a big country heavy equipment, is amazing in Africa

breaking through the barriers to meet the comprehensive needs of users

at the construction site, the team's work style of thinking for customers and striving for perfection at all times and everywhere has moved the construction party and the owner. After the equipment was assembled and the sample was again stretched in the first experiment, the members of the project team carried out simulated construction method tests such as pile driving, concrete pouring, pile pulling, etc. on all equipment. In order to meet the construction requirements of users, the construction method team put forward an optimized construction method solution through experiments. During the pipe pulling process, the pile hammer is used for high-frequency auxiliary percussion to overcome the problem of deep pile pipe pulling in the field of immersed cast-in-place piles

build a model project with strength, integrate into local life with feelings, and Xu workers have established a deep friendship with project site personnel. As the user has no experience in sinking pipe pouring construction, in view of this problem, the on-site technicians show the customer a full set of construction process, and explain the technical points and precautions. Maintenance of oil source:

Nigeria's industrial foundation is weak. The project team conducted a one month training for the operators of the construction company. Through on-site demonstration, modeling, sketching and other methods, and even starting from the Basic Electrotechnics and hydraulic transmission, they were given a "small stove" to answer questions and solve doubts, so that they could quickly master the knowledge of equipment operation, maintenance, and construction methods

unite as one, thunderbolt! The members of the project team live up to their trust and make positive contributions to ensuring the smooth progress of the project, drawing a beautiful picture of XCMG gold shining on the land of Africa

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