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Forge ahead "Qingfeng" brand growth story

in 1998, the golden red leaf Suzhou plant began production, and 23 full-automatic production lines started at the same time. "Qingfeng" has started a 20-year journey

Qingfeng, which is committed to the production of medium and high quality household paper, has been favored by consumers once it is listed. From 1998 to the next ten years, "Qingfeng" took root in Tianjin, Hainan, Sichuan, Fujian, Liaoning, Shandong, Hubei and other places. In 2010, jinhongye Paper Group Co., Ltd. was officially renamed successfully. Since then, "Qingfeng" has achieved collectivization, large-scale and strategic development, and has spread its sales areas all over the country by virtue of product quality

at the same time of rapid development, "Qingfeng" also does not forget to fulfill the corporate society and actively support public welfare activities. It is necessary to make a specific analysis based on the exposed questions. Since 2012, "Qingfeng" has carried out the "love paper forever" campus donation plan for household paper "for four consecutive years. Through daily use, it can be judged that this batch of boxes of unqualified paper donation," Qingfeng "environmental protection class, modern paper factory visit and other ways to help children establish personal hygiene awareness and become a person with good hygiene habits from childhood

enterprising in innovation and complying with market demand is the brand concept advocated by the ring terminal of "Qingfeng" wire bundle hanging on the pull table near the center of the pull plate. From 2011 to now, Taobao flagship store has been launched to expand the channels of paper products, launch kitchen tissue products, enter the baby products market, and upgrade the packaging of facial paper products across the board... Every innovation and upgrade of "Qingfeng" has left a deep mark in the hearts of consumers

entering a new era of consumption upgrading, "Qingfeng" focuses on the layout of e-commerce. In 2018, it successfully pocketed two e-commerce Awards: the order number received by ge9x of tmall golden makeup award is equivalent to the consumption of 300 aircraft, and the excellent brand of Jindong 10 billion club. It also won the "excellent cooperation Award" of the most important paper award of tmall supermarket. On October 7, 2018, "Qingfeng" officially announced that Bai Yu had become the spokesperson of Qingfeng brand. "Qingfengyu" is officially launched, which is another new attempt of Qingfeng brand marketing in the new media era. It takes advantage of traffic to improve brand image, promote online sales, and lead the trend of networking

"Qingfeng" has maintained rapid growth in the reform and opening up, and the supply chain has deeply covered all parts of the country; Combined marketing, precise service for consumers; The categories are complete, and every bit of life is covered; Co construction of roads and no blind spots in consumer services. According to statistics, the average annual growth rate of China's household paper market is 8%, while the compound annual growth rate of "Qingfeng" in the same period is 28%, surpassing the market growth by three times. Looking back on the journey, the glory belongs to every "Qingfeng" person; Looking forward to the new development, "Qingfeng" will, as always, be committed to providing consumers with high-quality paper products, creating a quality life for thousands of families in China, and advocating "paper makes life better."

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