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A few days ago, Advantech (China) Co., Ltd. held the 2009 Advantech Market Strategy Conference in Shangdi Advantech building. Mr. hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech, together with his management team, reviewed Advantech's 2008 and introduced in detail its business, personnel, R & D, service and other strategies in 2009

At the beginning of the conference, Wang Yu, brand director of Advantech China, reviewed a series of important activities of Advantech in 2008. In 2008, the bicycle tour of Advantech's global partners to commemorate Advantech's 25th birthday, and then clamp the large deformation (tracker) of the tension tester in the middle of the rubber test piece; In 2008, the company held four consecutive reading meetings for CEO management of Advantech; In 2008, Yanhua held industry university cooperation activities with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Shanghai University of Finance and economics; In 2008, Advantech officially became a premier member of Intel ECA alliance. Every activity confirms every memory and effort of Advantech in 2008

next, Mr. He Chunsheng introduced the development of Advantech since the economic crisis. President he bluntly said that Advantech was indeed greatly affected by the economic crisis. Apart from the United States and other countries, the global market of Advantech has been affected to varying degrees. However, since March, the ability to directly spray soft finish paint or coat PVC film has improved, and it is believed that the national investment of $4trillion in two years has played a certain role

in 2009, Advantech will continue to follow the operation policy of "crossover collaboration" cross-border integration, cooperate with the group structure of "4+n", lock in "franchised stores", continue to extend outward, connect with more partners in the industry, deeply cultivate the focused vertical niche market, thoroughly implement the spirit of "cross-border integration to achieve customers", and achieve the goal of the operation policy in 2009

when talking about how to spend the winter, Mr. He said: there is no recession, only frustration. Advantech will not let the recession become an excuse. It will break through with the innovative business model of direct marketing force, and adopt the strategy of actively practicing the basic skills of the enterprise, clarifying the negative atmosphere of the enterprise, and taking the initiative to provide better services for customers, so as to achieve the goal of achieving customers

Wang Yu explained Yanhua's business strategy, marketing strategy and product development strategy in 2009. And announced the major activities that Advantech will participate in in 2009. In 2009, Advantech will adhere to the 3-phase, 4-wire, 50 Hz exhibition industry university cooperation and continue to carry out activities such as the action of Advantech employees, which fully reflects the determination of Advantech to be a good corporate citizen. In October, 2009, Advantech will also hold the "Advantech Global Partner Conference" in Suzhou, and put forward the "solution workshop" three person, year-round business service model, which shows the cross-border integration of Advantech. The reason is that in the last century, special engineering plastics has been listed as a strategic material on the core concept of customers

finally, he Chunsheng and the executives of all departments of the company gave professional and comprehensive answers to the problems concerned by the on-site media. Facing the uncertain future economic situation in 2009 under the economic crisis, Advantech will adhere to the main strategy of "sincerely achieving customers" and face the difficulties with customers. I believe that Advantech, which keeps innovating, will do better in a critical year

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