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The new regulations on import and export food packaging filing/inspection

regulations on the administration of inspection and supervision of import and export food packaging containers and packaging materials stipulates that the production raw materials (including additives) and products of export food packaging must meet the mandatory requirements of the corresponding safety and health technology laws and regulations. It is not allowed to use packages that do not meet the safety and health requirements or that are toxic and harmful, and that have been processed and produced with materials that have been honed for 20 years, and that are in direct contact with food. Raw and auxiliary materials used for processing export packaging for the first time, including printing oil, additives, etc., shall pass the test and be filed with the inspection and quarantine authority

the manufacturer of food packaging and materials should apply to the local inspection and quarantine institution for the inspection and Quarantine of the export food packaging before providing the packaging and materials to the export food packaging manufacturer. The production enterprise shall indicate the export country when declaring. If it passes the inspection and quarantine, the inspection and quarantine institution shall issue the inspection and quarantine result sheet of entry-exit food packaging and materials, and the validity period of the certificate is one year. Food packages that have not been inspected and quarantined or are unqualified shall not be used for packaging export food

when producing export food, export food production enterprises should use food packaging and materials that have passed the inspection and quarantine institutions. The inspection and quarantine results of entry-exit food packaging and materials issued by the inspection and quarantine institution shall be attached to the inspection of export food

export food enterprises should also pay attention to the need for the other party to provide the inspection and quarantine certificate of export packaging attached to the packaged products when purchasing food packaging. The suppliers of imported packaging and materials should timely do a good job of filing in the large-scale plastic market. The static experiment is carried out by using the standard electronic universal testing machine, and the technology of packaging and materials can be provided to realize online monitoring and online operation detection

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