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Paper forming series equipment

Switzerland Dachang Huajia group (DKSH) is a famous international trade group, headquartered in Zurich, with a history of more than 150 years, and is one of the 20 strongest enterprise companies in Switzerland. The total annual revenue is more than 5.4 billion Swiss francs, with a total staff of about 18000, and about 250 branches and offices around the world. In many fields involving printing and packaging, machine tools, instruments, packaging machinery, consumer goods, chemical raw materials and so on, we provide customers with good experimental machines for a long time, mainly pre-sales and after-sales services of mechanical experimental machines for testing materials

the printing and paper products processing Department of Dachang Huajia group is committed to introducing advanced equipment, technology and processes from Europe and the United States. We hope that through guidance and orders, polyurethane insulation material production and management enterprises can quickly take action in the Chinese market. At present, the company promotes in the domestic market:

Netherlands immaco paper forming series equipment: pulp molding equipment; Paper cover production system; Corrugated paper cup and paper holder equipment; Compound tank assembly and sealing system; Disposable paper tray and paper cover production system

immaco, the Netherlands, has changed the professional background of the experimental machine and made continuous scientific and technological innovation with its tensile testing machine for decades, so that the company has always maintained a leading position in the field of paper product molding. Based on the understanding of the industry, the company's equipment can be matched with many canning equipment

weyhmueller product series in Germany: composite tank, which means that it has a longer service life than other insulation materials (such as glass wool); Paper plastic cup production system; Cbu-f type flat bottom cone cylinder machine; CBU series paper cup machine; Cone production machine; Since 1946, weyhmueller has always adapted to the changing market demand with technological innovation. The market covers more than 50 countries on five continents

in the past 10 years, Asia has become our important export market. Like in the European and American markets, the company has established a good reputation for itself

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