At the end of next month, 9000 Starbucks in the Un

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At the end of next month, 9000 Starbucks in the United States accept mobile payment

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on June 15, according to foreign media reports, Starbucks' iPhone and Blackberry mobile payment applications have been favored by customers, and now it has launched an Android version. By the end of July, about 9000 Starbucks coffee shops in the United States will accept mobile payment

Starbucks will launch its Android payment app exclusively in the Android App Store today. This application is specially optimized for Android and can be used on all devices with Android 2.1 or above installed. And it also provides barcode scanning payment function, just like the iPhone or BlackBerry version

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in January this year, Starbucks launched a mobile payment system in the United States. Just nine weeks later, at the end of March, Starbucks told its shareholders that it had processed more than 3 million mobile payment transactions through its iPhone and BlackBerry apps

chuck Davidson, manager of Starbucks' innovation department, said at the press conference on Tuesday: "we are the first coffee shop to provide mobile payment services on a large scale. Customers' demand for mobile payment applications is growing in 2018, although the company achieved a revenue of 21.65 billion yuan." Don't connect the plug of heating equipment to the socket. In addition, Davidson also revealed that he was often asked about the current situation of Starbucks' use of NFC (near field communication) mobile payment technology. He replied, "frankly, we don't want to wait for the NFC system to mature in the United States." He predicted that it would take about twoorthree years for consumers to adopt NFC. Tencent Technology

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