The hottest paper factory continued to raise price

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Paper mills continue to raise prices, and terminal merchants admit that the cost of raising prices can be digested by themselves

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core tip: Recently, app (Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.) issued a price increase letter. Since September 1, for Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd./Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.,

recently, App (Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.) issued a price increase letter. Since September 1, the price of all products produced by Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd./Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. has increased by 500 yuan/ton (including tax)

in the market, the price of white cardboard has also increased continuously, and the order receiving price of white cardboard has increased by 500 yuan/ton from September 1. Similarly, cultural paper will be increased by 100 yuan/ton from September 1, while cultural paper has increased by hundreds of Yuan before. In addition, the release of the upgraded "plastic restriction order" also increased the price of food paper

despite the rise in prices, the Economic Herald learned in an interview that the rise in prices had little impact on people's lives

the manufacturer has raised prices continuously

"a few days ago, I received a price adjustment letter from app, which increased by 500 yuan per ton from September 1." Zhang Qianqian, deputy general manager of Jinan Kanghui Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kanghui paper"), told the Economic Herald. But for the range of 500 yuan/ton, Zhang Qianqian was a little surprised. "Dow and other chemical material giants thought of price adjustment. They felt that the range was between yuan, but they didn't expect to increase by 500 yuan/ton."

in fact, in addition to the price adjustment letter of app, Kanghui paper has received price increase letters from many companies throughout August

Zhang Qianqian told the economic herald that Jinhai increased its price by 100 yuan/ton; Shanying increased its price by yuan/ton; Chenming increased its price by 100 yuan/ton; Huatai increased its price by 100 yuan/ton; Sun paper raised the price of ordinary coated paper and double offset paper by 100 yuan/ton, yellow paper by 300 yuan/ton or more, and other products will also be raised accordingly according to the actual situation

according to the Economic Herald, this is another round of price rise after the paper enterprises set off a round of price rises at the end of May and early June. These two rounds of price rises are mainly concentrated in the field of cultural paper

for the reasons for the coordinated price rise of the paper mill, Chenlijie, deputy general manager of Jinan Fenghui Paper Co., Ltd., gave his answer: "the paper mill adjusted the capacity demand, the supply side reduced again, and promoted the implementation of price hike. The demand increased in the second half of the year, while the uncertainties brought by the epidemic affected the mentality of the industry. At the same time, with the end of the summer vacation, September will enter the spring textbook bidding season, and the market price will rise."

although prices continue to rise, it is difficult to be optimistic about the performance of base paper manufacturers

Everbright Securities Research Report shows that double offset paper decreased from 6450 yuan/ton at the end of 2019 to 5387.5 yuan/ton on June 19 this year, attracting other enterprises to invest and settle in the park, a decrease of 16.48%; Coated paper fell from 5950 yuan/ton to 5170 yuan/ton, a decrease of 13.11%

sun paper received investors in early June and said that in the short term, due to the complex and severe external environment and fierce internal competition in the industry, the overall prosperity of the paper industry fluctuated significantly, especially the COVID-19 had a negative impact on the development of the paper industry, resulting in more intense competition in the domestic paper market and even vicious price competition, which had a certain negative impact on the production and operation of the company

"plastic restriction order" heats up food paper

following the price increase letter of 500 yuan/ton issued by white cardboard in the early stage, food cardboard and paper cup base paper mills rose by 200 yuan/ton, and the order receiving price of large-scale paper mills increased as scheduled. As a substitute for disposable plastic products, white cardboard has stimulated terminal demand

"I also received a notice that the price of food grade wood pulp paper increased by 300 yuan/ton." Xu Zhengjun, who produces disposable paper cups in Jinan, said

Xu Zhengjun was not surprised by the price rise. "The strictest 'plastic restriction' has heated up food paper, and the rise in prices is not surprising."

although the price rose, Xu Zhengjun still purchased a large number of raw materials

"now I feel weak after receiving the order. I'm even ready to go on another line." Xu Zhengjun explained, "in the past, 60% of the production capacity was basically enough to cope with orders, but now even 100% of the full production capacity can't cope with continuous orders, and even some orders have been pushed off.

the research of GF Securities said that in the future, the increase of industry supply is limited, and the continuous implementation of the national" plastic restriction order "will increase industry demand and push up the price of white cardboard. The opinions clearly stipulates that by 2020, the production, sale and use of some plastic products will be banned and restricted in some regions and fields. West China Securities research team believes that white cardboard has consumption properties and is widely used, such as cigarette packs, food cards, drug boxes, etc. In recent years, the compound growth rate of white cardboard demand is 7%-9%. With the steady progress of the superimposed plastic limit order, the demand is expected to continue to increase

in fact, due to the impact of the COVID-19, the paper industry was under construction after the Spring Festival in 2020, and the paper price ushered in a rising tide. From mid February to early March, some base paper mills have completed several rounds of price increases. Public data shows that some base paper mills have generally increased by 500-600 yuan/ton, and some have exceeded 1000 yuan/ton. After the "price rise tide", the paper price has increased by 30-50%

little impact on people's lives

in Chen Lijie's view, this price increase may be a price inflection point for this year's products. "After coming out of the downturn during the epidemic, they began to raise prices slightly and gradually. At present, the inventory of paper mills and downstream dealers is at a reasonable level. Out of concern about the continuous price rise, the downstream inventory replenishment power is relatively strong, and this round of price rise is expected to be better implemented. In the second half of the year, with the epidemic situation further controlled, the normal opening of school for students will help improve demand, and the paper price is expected to continue to pick up."

in the survey, it is found that although many insiders believe that the rise in paper prices has a certain continuity, the increase will not be too large. "On the whole, the paper price may show an upward trend, but the increase may be limited. It doesn't even rule out the possibility that the paper mill will sell at a profit." White paper analyst Wang Kai predicted

the rise in paper prices has little impact on people's lives

Xu Zhengjun told the economic herald that he was prepared to bear the cost pressure of the price rise. "This cost is still within the range of affordability. Once it rises again, it cannot be ruled out that the price of products will be appropriately increased. According to the current standard, such as spring steel, it is estimated that the price increase of each bag of products will not exceed 1 yuan."

in recent 10 years, with the actual engineering requirements for the accuracy of material properties getting higher and higher

Chen Lijie told the economic herald that although the cost of various learning notebooks produced by them has increased, the price is not ready to be adjusted

"the price of paper was relatively low in the past few months, so the cost has also decreased a lot, but the ex factory price of the book has not been reduced, so we are not going to adjust the price this time." Chen Lijie said, "of course, if the paper price rises again, our door may adjust the price, but it's hard to say, everything can only be decided according to the situation at that time."

similarly, in an interview with Economic Herald, Zhang Jian, the sales manager of Jinan Huixin Stationery Co., Ltd., said that they had received notice from some upstream enterprises that the price of flat paper for one order (500 sheets) has been increased by 1 yuan, the price of positive (domestic standard) has been increased by 2 yuan/order, and the price of generous (International Standard) has been increased by 3 yuan/order

Zhang Jian told the economic herald that for products that manufacturers require price increases, they also decided to absorb the cost of price increases by themselves, and the terminal will no longer raise prices. "Not only consumers don't buy the price increase now, but also retail terminals are difficult to solve."

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