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The price increase letter of paper enterprises hit, and the price of paper products has increased or spread globally. Release date: Source: editor of China Business Daily: Bao Wen, number of Views: 25005 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: Recently, the media learned from RT mart, a supermarket chain, that many major household toilet paper manufacturers have determined to adjust the price of existing brand toilet paper by 10% to 30% in mid March and April at the latest

[China Packaging News] "it's better to fry paper than to fry real estate and stocks" is no longer a joke. Selling waste paper can make a lot of money... The price of paper products is going to rise, which has affected household paper. So, are you ready to rush to buy toilet paper

then, a number of domestic paper enterprises, including Asia Pacific Senbo and Chenming, successively issued price increase notices, as if the market had ushered in a new round of price increase letter bombing

Asia Pacific Senbo, since March 1, the whole line of brand copy paper and OEM brands have been increased by 200 yuan/ton

Chenming, since March 1, cultural paper products have been increased by 200 yuan/ton

app, from March 1, copy paper products will be increased by 200 yuan/ton

MCC meiliyun, since February 26, cultural paper has been increased by 100 yuan/ton

Bowen paper, since February 23, all wood pulp double offset paper and all wood pulp electrostatic copy base paper have been increased by 100 yuan/ton

Quanlin paper, since March 1, all brand cultural paper, special paper and food packaging paper have been increased by 200 yuan/ton

Huajin Group, since March 1, the cultural paper will be increased by 200 yuan/ton

Jianghe paper industry will increase the carbon free base paper by 300 yuan/ton from February 26

this means that not only the price of toilet paper will rise, but the price of cultural paper and even cartons may also rise. In fact, in the past year, pulp, the raw material of paper products, has soared for almost a year (click View → crazy paper price). According to industry analysis, the current paper price on the market may only reflect about half of the rise in raw material prices. According to the current price trend, the price of paper products may continue to rise in May and June this year

why did the price of paper rise so sharply

every time something wants to rise in price, the change of supply and demand in the market should be considered first, and this time is no exception. One of the main reasons for the continuous rise in pulp prices is the shortage of raw materials. According to the report of China business, the supply concentration of international wood pulp has been increasing in recent years. Domestic hardwood pulp mainly comes from Brazil and Indonesia. Due to the increasing scarcity of wood, the limited supply of raw materials has further improved the bargaining power of enterprises

in addition, with the stricter control policies implemented by the environmental protection department for the paper industry, the supply of raw materials has been affected to varying degrees in terms of production, manufacturing and waste paper import. Especially in the period after the Spring Festival, the major paper enterprises will enter the daily shutdown and maintenance season, and the production capacity may further shrink. This will further aggravate the tension between supply and demand in the market

Taiwanese people rush for toilet paper

in recent days, the first sentence many Taiwanese people meet is "have you bought toilet paper?" Moreover, Taiwan's major shopping malls and supermarkets are staging a rush to buy toilet paper

the toilet paper shelves in the supermarket were snapped up, and the sales volume increased 10 times compared with the past. Hearing the wind, the people had to return empty handed

as soon as the staff laid the goods, the people rushed to the shopping cart without waiting for the packaging to be removed, and the shelves were instantly empty

some supermarkets have increased replenishment efforts to meet the needs of the public, but it still cannot alleviate the momentum of people rushing to grab toilet paper. Some stores even restrict the purchase of toilet paper, and one card can only buy two packs

the person in charge of a shopping mall said that the inventory volume sold for three months in recent days is almost as much as the supplier comes. In addition to offline purchasing, the online sales war of facial tissue paper is also exaggerated. According to the statistics of the 24h shopping and living market station of PChome, a shopping platform in Taiwan, the sales volume of toilet paper exceeded 50000 boxes for three consecutive days, equivalent to 5million bags of toilet paper. Last Saturday, it reached 30000 boxes, equivalent to one box sold every three seconds

businesses with fast thinking have also taken advantage of the trend to launch a sales method of holding toilet paper in the doll clamping machine - one roll of toilet paper on the shelf, "many people rush for toilet paper like zombies, and I panic and follow up to grab two bags!"

there are even online platforms that have launched promotional activities to buy facial tissue paper for iPhones with a year-on-year increase of 5.7%, 2.2% and 0.7% respectively, and there is also a limit of 150 groups, causing a large number of followers

in the face of rising demand, researchers in the packaging industry warned that due to the global paper shortage, prices are facing a new round of rise. In this regard, noa-prism investigated the global trend and predicted that more and more countries and regions around the world will implement measures to raise paper prices

"British buyers have seen three price increases in corrugated board in the past 12 months, and it seems that there may be a fourth increase in the first quarter of 2018," said Neil Osment, managing director of noa-prism. In addition, in 2017, the demand for paper in the United States began to exceed the supply. In the past three years, the demand for corrugated paper packaging increased by 2% year-on-year. The supply of kraft linerboard continued to adhere to the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, with little growth, and there were few plans to invest in more kraft paper projects

in fact, worldwide, the demand for corrugated paper has also increased significantly, with an average annual growth rate of 3.3%, from 200billion square meters (BSM) in 2011 to nearly 236 in 2016. Therefore, the extension of high-resolution is necessary; Large deformation measurement system: it is selected when calculating fracture tensile strain; Fixture: it is recommended to use mechanical wedge fixture or pneumatic flat push fixture for plastic tensile specimen test 0 billion square meters. Prism's analysis of the packaging industry predicts an average growth rate of 3% in the next five years. Basically, the global market will reach 273 billion square meters by 2021, and the growth of 37 billion square meters is almost equivalent to the size of the entire corrugated paper market in the United States today

the rise in the price of paper products will also affect all aspects of our consumption life

from the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream raw materials of the paper industry are mainly wood pulp and waste pulp. According to different uses, paper products in the downstream are divided into four categories: packaging paper, cultural paper, household paper and special paper. Specifically, packaging paper mainly corresponds to the household appliance industry, food and beverage, logistics and transportation, etc; Cultural paper mainly corresponds to printing enterprises, magazines, publishing houses, etc; Household paper has a great impact on catering and life

and the prices of these commodities have also increased

not only toilet paper, but also beer and milk have joined the price increase camp

1. Beer

in January this year, the beer industry ushered in the first collective price rise in nearly a decade. Tsingtao beer first raised the prices of some products in some regions, with an average increase of no more than 5%

2. Baijiu

at the end of December 2017, Guizhou Moutai announced that from January 1, 2018, the price of Moutai liquor products would be appropriately increased, with an average increase of about 18%

3. Drinks

in January, Master Kong issued a price increase letter, and it is expected that the new price will be implemented from January 10, 2018, of which the price of kangyin tea/fruit juice series will be increased by yuan

4. Milk

according to institutional research data, from the end of 2017 to mid January 2018, some products of liquid milk leading companies such as Guangming, Mengniu and Yili have begun to raise prices

how are your wallets in the new year

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