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Another paper giant spent a lot of money to build a factory in Vietnam

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core tip: Delin international Hongxing printing announcement, on August 6, 2018, Hongxing printing and Delin international entered into a joint venture agreement on the establishment of a joint venture to engage in printing and packaging manufacturing business in Hanoi, Vietnam, serving the local and export markets

Delin international Hongxing printing announced that on August 6, 2018, Hongxing printing and Delin international increased by 6.8% year-on-year; With a net profit attributable to the parent company of 430million yuan, the joint venture entered into a joint venture agreement to engage in printing and packaging manufacturing business in Hanoi, Vietnam, and serve the local and export markets. As an arrangement to further strengthen the future cooperation between the contracting parties and facilitate the future operation of the joint venture, Delin promises to purchase paper products from the joint venture within the term of the joint venture and its renewal, and the annual value will not be less than a certain amount

the joint venture plans to invest US $10million to set up a factory in Vietnam

it is reported that the total registered capital of the joint venture is proposed to be US $10million, which will be invested by both parties in the following ways: (1) Hongxing will invest US $9.05 million (90.5% of the total investment); (2) Delin contributed 950000 US dollars (9.5% of the total contribution)

according to the announcement, Hongxing is mainly engaged in the business of using supporting and advanced technology to operate paper and color box printing, watong carton manufacturing and paper trade, as well as various high-end packaging products. Delin's main business is to design, develop, produce and sell plush toys, riding toys and plastic hand models

the company said that the respective boards of directors of Hongxing and Delin believed that the establishment of the joint venture was in line with the corporate strategies of both parties, and that when the joint venture began to operate, the synergy generated by the joint venture agreement and the cooperation agreement would benefit the existing businesses and joint ventures of both parties

China's packaging paper demand fell precipitously, and paper giants set up factories overseas

paper giants have set their sights overseas:

Nine Dragons Paper:

on May 25, 2018, it announced that it would acquire two hundred year old paper mills in the United States, thereby Nine Dragons added 1.41 million tons of production capacity, including 890000 tons of paper production capacity and 520000 tons of pulp production capacity

Sun Paper:

(1) wholly owned construction project in Laos. 300000 tons of dissolved pulp and 100000 hectares of plantation have been put into trial operation

(2) failed to participate in the acquisition of Weyerhaeuser fluff pulp business

Shanying paper:

(1) Shareholding in borealbiorefltd, Shanying paper will acquire a majority stake in the company. 400000 tons of coniferous pulp, the agreement has just been completed

the reduction value of bamboo powder is basically unchanged (2) participated in the acquisition of Brazil lwarcel company, and has withdrawn from the competition

HengAn International:

shares in Finnish company finnpulp, with a total of 36.5% equity. 1.2 million tons of needle pulp are easily oxidized by oxygen in the air, and HengAn digests about 600000 tons. The agreement has just been completed


(1) acquire the equity of brasilcelulose, Eldorado (bull) in Brazil. It has obtained 1.7 million tons of broad-leaved pulp production capacity, and there are new investments in the follow-up

(2) failed to participate in the acquisition of Brazilian filiba company

Asia Pacific Senbo:

the parent company Golden Eagle Group (rge) acquired Brazil's lwarcel company and obtained 250000 tons of broad-leaved pulp capacity. An agreement has been reached

Chinese paper industry:

invest in Russian projects. 500000 tons of coniferous pulp, and a memorandum of understanding for the project has been signed

Shanghai zhonglong:

move the 450000 ton annual packaging paper machine and supporting power generation, environmental protection and other equipment of Shanghai zhonglong paper industry, which has been discontinued, to the company in Pingyang, Vietnam, as the No. 2 machine. After upgrading, it will re produce high-grade packaging paper. At present, the relocation work is in progress

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