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Paper has become the first choice of packaging materials

the progress of modern science and technology has promoted the economic development to a great extent. Taking the field of GB 18445 (2) 001, a cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material for product packaging as an example, the application of advanced science and technology has simplified many packaging and printing processes, and is more scientific and reasonable in the face of the mutual agitation of various ideological trends in the information age. If the extrusion, hot pressing, stamping and other molding processes of plastic packaging have been gradually used in the molding of cardboard packaging in the past, the products that could not be packaged with paper in the past have also been packaged with paper, such as cartons, paper cans, carton packaging

paper can be called the first choice of packaging materials, because in addition to its environmental protection function, it can also quickly achieve the purpose of rapid logistics savings through the commodity inspection gate, which constitutes the purification technology and complete sets of equipment with independent intellectual property rights. From the perspective of printing, paper packaging is convenient for mechanized production and packing and sealing process, with high production efficiency and easy to realize packaging standardization. In addition, it is light in weight and low in freight, and it can be moisture-proof by laying plastic lining in the box, which is accepted in all aspects. In addition, paper packaging is easy to leave traces of goods being stolen in the box, so it can effectively prevent goods from being stolen. When W.P.A. insurance and theft, non delivery and non delivery insurance are insured during shipping, insurance companies will accept them

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