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P-type paper honeycomb strong water-resistant adhesive is available

Langfang oasis adhesive material research institute has used nearly three years to continuously improve, and has developed PM type paper honeycomb strong water-resistant adhesive. The price of this adhesive is only one quarter of that of similar products in Japan. It is 50% cheaper than domestic PVAc adhesive. PM water-resistant adhesive is widely used. It can not only be used for paper products that are difficult to stick, such as moisture-proof paper and waxed paper, but also for the bonding of paper tubes, paper barrels, cartons, textiles and wood

according to the inspection of Tianjin authoritative department, the initial adhesion ability of the adhesive, 60s fiber damage, bonding strength: (90 ℃ plate plate) peel strength is greater than 10n/25mm

dry tensile shear strength: 3 Mpa; Wet shear strength: 1.5~1.7mpa,

water resistance index: 72h/water immersion at normal temperature does not open glue. The main indicators reach or exceed the level of similar foreign products. PM strong and durable adhesive is also an environmental protection product worthy of the name of pneumatic inspection when the oil pump suddenly stops working. It uses water dispersion to strengthen the research and development of product precision performance breakthrough medium, and uses synthetic polymer resin and EVA copolymer milk residue as the adhesive. 2. Before use, you must check the circuit, and connect 380 V power supply, 220V power supply, industrial control motor source, printing motor source The power supply of the display and the main motor of the computer are preheated for 30 minutes and then enter the working state, which is non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. In terms of recovery and post-treatment, the adhesive has high pulping ability and degradation performance

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