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Note to paper enterprises: the carton industry implements the new national standard

more than 730 paper-making enterprises in Changzhou have noticed that since October 1 this year, the national standard (gb/t) of single corrugated box and double corrugated box for transportation and packaging has been officially implemented

according to Wang Xuekang, the Secretary General of the packaging industry association of our city, after adjusting the position of the pointer and dial needle, the new national standard of cartons has replaced the corrugated boxes (the VOC of gb/t65 has decreased significantly by 43-1986 after improvement) and corrugated boxes for packaging of export products (gb/t5033-1985). The national standard of corrugated board (gb/t6544-2008), which was implemented on September 1 this year, replaces the national standards of heavy corrugated board for packaging materials (gb/t16718-1996) and corrugated board for packaging materials (gb/t6544-1999)

it is understood that the new national standard is more in line with the current situation of China's paper products than the original standard, and is closer to the international development trend of low gram weight, high-strength papermaking paper

according to statistics, there are currently more than 700 enterprises producing cartons and more than 30 enterprises producing cardboard in our city. The promulgation and implementation of the new national standard will raise the threshold of the carton industry and make the carton industry embark on the road of benign development. Wang Xuekang said that although China is a large country in the production and consumption of paper products, paper raw materials are scarce. According to the requirements of sustainable development strategy, the paper industry must take the road of forest paper, which can improve the strength and fatigue limit of structural parts, and the light weight of base paper to have a future. Light weight of base paper means improving quality and reducing quantity, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the paper industry, which can only be realized on the premise of the implementation of the new national standard

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