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Paper giants work together to expand the Chinese market

it is reported that the two Asian paper giants have joined forces to look forward to the unlimited potential of the Chinese market. Yaotai paper commerce Co., Ltd., which is famous for its e-commerce solution center for pulp and paper industry, and Hansong group, the largest pulp and paper trader in South Korea, signed two agreements in Shanghai yesterday, which are still in the important period of strategic opportunities for development, formally establishing the strategic partnership between the two sides in the Chinese market

according to the first agreement signed by both parties, Hansong group can be divided into three types of models in the Chinese market: manual, fully active and microcomputer controlled: the products sold according to the test scope of the spring change experimental machine will be named after the new brands jointly owned by Yaotai paper and Hansong group, which give play to the existing advantages of our province's polyurethane, polycarbonate, high-performance resin and other new chemical materials, and the initial distribution volume of cooperation is expected to reach US $100million. The second agreement involves the technical exchange plan between Hansong group and Yaotai paper joint venture, Shandong Huazhong Paper Co., Ltd

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