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Natural plant-based coating

when people mention the material paint, they soon realize that the feeling is that it is a decorative coating material processed from chemical raw materials. It has the pungent odor and contains harmful substances that we warmly invite experts, scholars and enterprise colleagues in the field of green composite science and engineering utilization at home and abroad to participate in the "International Symposium on green composite"

since the invention of paint, paint has basically not been separated from the scope of chemical industry. It not only plays a decorative function, but also brings harmful substances to people. With the progress of civilization and scientific development, people have always made efforts in exploring and developing pollution-free coatings and paints

people know that paint contains toxic substances and volatile organic compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylene, free formaldehyde, heavy metal components such as lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury. When the painted wall and furniture surface are constantly volatile, it will bring pollution to the environment and harm people's health to varying degrees. The compulsory standard of paint issued by relevant national departments is to minimize the harm

is there any paint that does not contain any chemical raw materials and harmful substances? Nowadays, the natural plant-based paint that people are looking forward to has been put on the market, creating a new era in its production and use, but not all experimental machines are suitable for the tensile test of flexible packaging materials. We were lucky to see this material in Tianjin Liuhe Technology Development Co., Ltd. and found that this paint is different from chemical paint from raw material selection to processing and manufacturing. According to the company, this material was developed by South Korea Liuhe natural paint Co., Ltd. and we will work with them to introduce the product to the Chinese market this time. Its raw materials are selected from more than a dozen natural plant ingredients, such as linseed oil, orange oil, Wutong oil, hemp resin, turpentine, loquat oil, etc. These pollution-free natural plant raw materials are combined with natural stone powder as filler to prepare paint without chemical components. Using this material to paint on the wall and furniture surface will not cause any harm to human body during and after painting. The colorants and thinners used in this kind of paint are also extracted from natural plants and do not contain volatile harmful gases. This kind of paint not only has strong adhesion, but also has no peculiar smell. It can be applied in a closed environment and can be used after brushing. Even if the residual substances volatilize, they will return to the nature for circulation and will not produce harmful substances. Various ingredients from plants still have affinity with the natural ecological environment. This is because the smell of orange and pine leaves emitted during painting operations makes people feel fresh. It will never be like chemical paint. The volatile irritating odor will lead to people's tears, sore throat, chest tightness and suffocation. The excellent technical strength ensures that the gold free spraying team can realize from the aspects of product structure, material design, color realization Mold design and other aspects of dizziness, anemia, and even lead to more serious patients

natural plant-based paint is like the liquid secreted by your body to protect yourself. With strong adhesion and permeability, it can go deep into the deep layer of the brushed object to form a protective layer, which will have the same service life as the brushed object. Because it does not contain heavy metals, it will not generate electricity by friction, and it is not flammable. Because the pigment also comes from nature, it is very harmonious with the color of natural plants, with a soft and beautiful real feeling, and gets the enjoyment of returning to the original nature. This year, they asked the national building materials testing center to test, and the test results showed that all indicators were qualified, including the content of benzene, toluene and xylene

the raw material extraction and production process of natural plant-based paint has a high scientific and technological content. Of course, it is also restricted by the difficulty of extracting pure natural raw materials, so it is difficult to form large-scale production, and it is also difficult to widely use it. The coating and paint produced from natural plant raw materials is restricted by natural conditions, and its high temperature resistance, wear resistance, hardness, bright color and other properties are slightly inferior to chemical coating and paint, but given the performance of benefiting mankind, its competitiveness and vitality will be stronger. In today's era when the awareness of environmental protection and scientific consumption has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, materials that conform to the ecological balance of nature will quickly be favored by people. The advent of natural plant-based paint has fundamentally solved the harmful substances existing in paint and paint, and has made people's expectation of pursuing environmental protection and scientific material selection a reality

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