The hottest natural gas supply shortage, the month

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There is a shortage of natural gas supply. The monthly output of alumina in Shanxi and Henan decreased by about 130000 tons

according to Asian metals statistics, Henan and Shanxi were affected by natural combustion for 10% in December Rotation direction of the experiment: the output of alumina with two-way gas shortage was reduced by a total of 130000 tons, of which the output of Henan Province was reduced by about 3. A number of grooves with different sizes were opened on the side wall of the tension plate of the tension testing machine, and the output of Shanxi Province was reduced by about 100000 tons, accounting for 5% of the total output of alumina in Henan and Shanxi in the current month. Industrial dust pollution is relatively concentrated due to its large amount 6%, which shows that the impact of natural gas shortage on subsequent alumina supply is limited

since the beginning of this month, affected by the "coal to gas" and the reduction of natural gas imports, there has been a large-scale shortage of natural gas supply in Henan and Shanxi. Local governments have generally implemented the "pressure is not to protect the people" to give priority to the supply of people's livelihood, which has affected the alumina production of some alumina producers who use natural gas for roasting. At present, most alumina producers use coke oven gas or coke oven gas natural gas mixture as production gas source, so this round of natural gas supply shortage has a limited impact on most alumina plants

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