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A major breakthrough has been made in the reform of natural gas prices. Guangxi has issued a notice to reduce the transportation price of natural gas

on the same day, Guangxi autonomous region accelerated the construction of a national circular economy demonstration zone, and the district development and Reform Commission station issued the notice on issues related to reducing and standardizing the price of natural gas transmission issued by the price bureau, Reduce the pipeline transmission price of vehicle gas sold by Guangxi guangtou Natural Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd. to local urban gas enterprises (residential and non residential gas) and CNG parent stations from the current 0.36 yuan/cubic meter to 0.2 yuan/cubic meter. At the same time, the notice requires that the pipeline transmission prices of Nanning off load station, Guilin off load station, Wuzhou Changzhou off load station, Wuzhou Cangwu off load station and Fangchenggang bus off load station, which are adjacent to the trunk pipeline in Guangxi, be cancelled by December 31, 2019. On the same day, the Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau also announced the rectification notice on the pipeline transportation fees charged by Hangzhou Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Order the company to stop corresponding behaviors, implement rectification, and refund the fees charged in violation of regulations to users within a time limit

with the issuance of the notice of the corresponding provinces, some stubborn diseases affecting the arbitrary plug-in price reform of power supply in the natural gas field in recent years are being eliminated. It is understood that the national development and Reform Commission has successively issued relevant documents since 2016, which clearly put forward "the establishment of a mechanism for users to independently select resources and gas supply routes, so that users can independently select resources and gas supply routes, reduce gas supply levels and reduce gas consumption costs", and "the main natural gas pipeline can realize the gas supply area, and it is not allowed to add gas supply links and increase gas supply costs in the name of unified purchase and marketing". On October 23, 2017, the national development and Reform Commission and other five departments issued the detailed rules for the implementation of the fair competition review system, which clearly proposed to restrict local governments from adopting monopoly policies and other market intervention measures beneficial to some industries or enterprises

on November 11, 2017, China business daily went to Guangxi and other places for on-the-spot investigation for several months, and reported that PetroChina had an emergency appeal to the national development and Reform Commission. After the report came out, it attracted great attention at the national level. It was learned that the national development and Reform Commission immediately set up an investigation team after the approval of the high-level officials of the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions. On November 17, the national development and Reform Commission issued an urgent investigation notice to Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other provinces. The research notice clearly stated, "China Business Daily reported on November 11 that the provincial management added a table to collect money. The industry questioned that the provincial management of unified purchase and marketing was inconsistent with the national policy. According to the spirit of the leadership's instructions, our committee and the energy administration plan to visit your Province (District) to investigate and understand the situation."

China business daily also learned that the national development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration issued research notices to many local governments, requiring provincial (District) units to conduct full in-depth research and analysis and prepare written materials. At the same time, the local government was also informed that a symposium would be held for provincial development and reform, energy, pricing and other relevant departments, as well as some local and municipal government departments and provincial companies; At the same time, a symposium was also arranged for upstream natural gas supply enterprises and downstream user representatives (including users around the main pipeline and users in remote areas). In addition, field research will be carried out

according to the situation, the research is carried out around five questions: first, when was the provincial natural gas company established, the original intention of establishment, equity structure, operation mode, etc; Second, pipeline mileage, design gas transmission and actual gas transmission in recent years, number and structure of downstream users; Third, the future management planning and construction and the reform of system and mechanism; Fourth, the pricing mode, pricing method and price level of provincial companies, as well as the measures taken to strengthen the supervision of provincial pipeline transportation prices and the next work plan; Fifth, the prominent problems and reasons reflected by all aspects of society, and how to solve the current main contradictions and problems. The two notices point to the chaos in the development of local natural gas pipelines - local pipeline natural gas enterprises do not provide pipeline transportation services in the name of "" but collect pipeline transportation fees. On November 24, 2017, the national development and Reform Commission concluded its research, and the research team returned to Beijing to sort out materials and report them to the State Council

after several months of efforts and strong promotion at the national level, the local government finally took substantive measures to reduce the iron content in molten aluminum from the source. Over the years, the state has made breakthroughs in deepening the reform of natural gas prices, promoting the marketization of non residential gas prices, and gradually eliminating many high consumption, low efficiency and other mechanical products in the market

on March 21, an unnamed person in the energy industry told that the current pipeline transportation price adjustment in the natural gas field is a good thing, which is conducive to enterprises to reduce costs, increase the use of natural gas in the local area, and promote local economic development

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