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Natural gas supply in Hebei Province has entered the "orange alert"

on November 28, Baoding Xinao Gas Co., Ltd. issued the "notice on limiting the supply of natural gas" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") to all user units. In the "notice", the company said that PetroChina natural gas sales North Branch notified that there would be no increase in natural gas supply resources from October 21. Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission decided to launch the provincial natural gas demand side management mechanism. From 0:00 on November 28, the most watched thing is the orange warning of railway cooperation in the province's natural gas supply. This means that the natural gas supply in Hebei Province has been in a serious state of tension

"at the same time, the domestic heating gas consumption of the majority of residents continues to increase, resulting in the increasingly severe supply situation of gas sources in various cities in Hebei Province. The upstream gas source units have successively taken gas limitation measures, but they can not get the correct results." The company said in the notice

the relevant person in charge of Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission also told the Economic Observer: "recently, due to the impact of the reduction of upstream resource supply, the natural gas supply in Hebei Province has been reduced, and the contradiction between supply and demand has begun to become prominent. According to the emergency plan for natural gas peaking in winter in Hebei Province () (hereinafter referred to as the emergency plan), it is decided to start the management mechanism of natural gas demand measurement in the province, and enter the level II early warning state of natural gas supply in the province from 0:00 on November 28 (orange warning), the specific time of terminating the emergency plan will be notified. "

according to the above person in charge, Hebei Province recently established a natural gas peak winter emergency leading group to uniformly command the emergency disposal of natural gas emergencies during peak winter. According to the emergency plan, when the contradiction between supply and demand of natural gas is prominent or sudden accidents occur during the peak winter, which leads to local or regional natural gas supply tension, and has a serious impact on the surrounding environment, or the supply of natural gas must be limited or stopped due to other special reasons, the Hebei emergency leading group can implement level I (red), level II (Orange) and Level III (yellow) and level IV (blue) early warning

among them, level I is the highest level, that is, a particularly serious tension warning, with a supply-demand gap of more than 20%, and a serious threat to the normal economic and social operation of Hebei province or some regions. The orange warning is a warning of serious tension. The gap between supply and demand in Hebei Province is 10% - 20%, which has a great impact on the normal operation of economy and society

according to the emergency plan, during the peak winter in Hebei Province, the order of reducing or stopping the supply of natural gas according to the nature of users is: natural gas chemical users, industrial fuel users, automobile users, public service users, urban heating, residential gas (hospitals, schools, etc.)

in addition, Baoding Xinao Gas Co., Ltd. also said in the above notice: "in view of the continuous shortage of upstream resources, Baoding city's urban gas pipes are in low-pressure operation. Especially in the early morning of December 28, Baoding city has no peeling phenomenon, and the gas pipe pressure has been reduced from the normal 4kg to less than 0.5kg, causing a large number of residents in Baoding city to be unable to use gas normally, and the gas pipes are facing paralysis, which has major potential safety hazards."

the company said that in response to this emergency, in accordance with the principle of "protecting people's livelihood and stopping industry" of Baoding Municipal government, the emergency response plan for natural gas security in Baoding city was urgently launched. It was necessary to shut down the production gas supply of gas filling stations and industrial users, and the specific time of terminating the emergency plan will be notified

according to the public information of Baoding Municipal government station, Baoding ENN Gas Co., Ltd. was jointly funded and established by Baoding Gas Corporation and ENN (China) Gas Investment Co., Ltd. in June 2014. Thereafter, Baoding civil gas will adapt to the name conversion from Gas Corporation to ENN gas

according to economic observation, the registered capital of Baoding ENN Gas Co., Ltd. is 300million yuan, of which Baoding Gas Corporation holds 51% shares and ENN (China) Gas Investment Co., Ltd. holds 49% shares. The company is mainly engaged in pipeline natural gas, compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas

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