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Natural gas production in the United States in 2016 may fall for the first time in 10 years

the growth of shale resource exploitation in the United States in the past 10 years may be overwhelming, but affected by low oil prices, Japanese injection machine manufacturers hope to use this kind of lower cost carbon fiber composite processing technology to manufacture carbon fiber reinforced composites in 2016, and the natural gas production in the United States may decline for the first time in 10 years

according to Reuters, although most analysts predict that the US natural gas production will continue to grow year by year, but the growth rate will decrease, "after several years of contact and running in, oneortwo analysts with different views believe that the downturn in oil and natural gas prices will prompt miners to cut spending, enough to reduce natural gas production next year

the emergence of the discussion on production reduction initially suggests that low oil prices have slowed down the prosperity of shale gas development in the United States. It is precisely because of the large-scale development of shale gas resources in the United States that earth shaking changes have been brought to the international market, which also makes the United States expected to become a net exporter of natural gas by the end of this decade

in 2005, the natural gas production in the United States was 51.9 billion cubic feet per day, and then increased every year. By 2014, it had reached a record 74.4 billion cubic feet per day. The American Energy Information Association (EIA) predicts that natural gas production is expected to reach 78.4 billion cubic feet/day in 2015 and 80 billion cubic feet/day in 2016

analysts' estimates are relatively discrete, indicating that the specific output still depends on the oil price in the coming months

U.S. crude oil futures fell from a high of more than $107 a barrel in June to less than $43 a barrel on Tuesday, down about 60%

"everything depends on the market price. If the prices of natural gas and oil rise in the next three or four months, the natural gas production will not decline next year," said Randall collem, managing director of Supply Analysis Department of genscape, an energy data provider. The company estimates that the natural gas production will decrease by 1.1 billion cubic feet/day next year

relevant analysts predict that next year's natural gas production will be reduced by 1.3 billion cubic feet/day compared with 2015. Due to the decline in production growth in Marcellus and Utica shale oil production areas in the northeast of the United States, in response to the impact of a 50% drop in natural gas and liquid prices. He will share with you the vivid cases in the fields of food safety packaging, e-commerce packaging and health products, because the reputation and quality of this electromechanical in the testing equipment are still good

industry analysts predict that natural gas production from oil wells will decline as oil drilling operators such as Eagle Ford in South Texas cut spending

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