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Sinopec found a record daily production of natural gas wells in Sichuan. China Petrochemical Corporation, or Sinopec Group, has a speed adjustment range of 0.001mm/min ~ 1000mm/min, it said in an internal draft on Monday, The subsidiary China Petroleum Chemical Co., SNP (Sinopec for short) found a high-yield natural gas well in Yuanba, Northeast Sichuan Province, which is rich in natural gas reserves, with a daily output of 1.26 million cubic meters, a record

Sinopec Group said that well 204 is the second natural gas well in Yuanba area with a daily production of one million cubic meters, and it is also the highest production natural gas well so far

Sinopec Group said earlier that in early January, the daily production of natural gas wells with the highest production in Yuanba was only 683700 cubic meters

by the end of 2009, 4 6 Leather tensile testing machine: Leather needs to be tested for tensile strength, tear strength, etc. the proven natural gas reserves in Northeast Sichuan are 451.8 billion cubic meters

due to the rise in domestic demand, Sinopec Group hopes to take the natural gas business as a new driving force for profit growth

the company predicts that this year's natural gas production will reach 12billion to 13billion cubic meters, a significant increase from more than 8billion cubic meters in 2009, mainly due to the production of Puguang gas field, which is also located in the northeast of Sichuan Province

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