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In 2002, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the world pharmaceutical market increased by 12%

the increase in mergers and acquisitions in North America also increased the volume of contract transactions. The number of mergers and acquisitions increased to 19%, totaling 149 transactions. In the Asia Pacific region, the number of mergers and acquisitions increased to 25%, totaling 104 transactions. The transaction volume in Europe and other regions decreased in 2002

according to the analysis data, the average value of transactions in 2002 dropped sharply compared with 2001. In addition to the transaction value of $60billion of Pfizer and Pharmacia, the total value of other transactions was $11billion, in sharp contrast to the $61billion in 2001. Analysts believe that the decline in transaction volume is related to the financing constraints in the capital market in 2002. It has the characteristics of low cost and small station space

when analyzing the 10 largest transactions in the pharmaceutical market with high temperature control accuracy in 2002, we can find two trends: one is that commodity transactions are dominant, and the other is that private capital has invested in the acquisition of pharmaceutical enterprises. Seven of the 10 deals were completed by U.S. buyers. This figure is unchanged from 2001

in order to avoid risk business this year, the signing of bulk drug trading contracts has also been affected, but it is estimated that there will be a large drug transaction in Europe

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