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The number of patent applications of CHEMCHINA in 2008 increased by 76% year-on-year.

the number of patent applications of CHEMCHINA in 2008 increased by 76% year-on-year.

January 5, 2009

[China paint information] in 2008, China National Chemical Corporation increased investment in technological innovation and achieved a bumper harvest of patent achievements. As of December 30, the whole system has applied for 388 patents, including 229 invention patents, accounting for 59% of the total; Many authorized operators neglected to check the parts during the measurement process. There were at least 317 problematic patents with more than half of them, including 211 invention patents, accounting for 66% of the total number of authorized patents; The number of patents applied for and granted increased by 76.4% and 9.7% respectively over the previous year. The annual growth rate of the number of patents applied for was much higher than the average annual growth rate of 35% for central enterprises

CHEMCHINA applied for patents in 2008, involving special fibers, engineering plastics and special engineering plastics, chemical intermediates, life sciences, energy conservation and emission reduction, chemical machinery and other fields. Overseas enterprises have gained quite a lot in the fields of organosilicon, methionine and other authorized patents. Southwest Research and Design Institute of chemical industry has achieved 228 patents for thousands of people

in the development orientation of "old chemical industry and new materials", CHEMCHINA insists on carrying out technological progress and technological innovation around its main business, constantly improving the scientific and technological innovation system and increasing scientific and technological investment. In 2008, CHEMCHINA invested 3.087 billion yuan in science and technology in the whole system, an increase of 0.24 percentage points year-on-year. At present, dozens of technologies such as organic silicon material technology, organic fluorine material technology, engineering plastics technology, methionine production technology, PSA gas separation package technology, large reverse osmosis seawater desalination package technology and so on occupy a leading position at home and abroad. In 2008, CHEMCHINA undertook 747 projects such as the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for science and technology support to China's wake-up plan, 863 plan, major science and technology development projects, energy conservation and emission reduction, of which 149 achievements passed the appraisal and acceptance, and 38 were awarded national, provincial and ministerial Science and technology awards; The two achievements won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; The mechanical performance test of dimethyl ether is a very important working catalyst process, the purification process of chlorohydrin production of propylene oxide, the development of giant engineering radial tire forming machine and vulcanizer, and other projects have made breakthrough progress. In addition, in 2008, seven projects supported by the China Chemical Technology Fund were launched

it is understood that in 2009, CHEMCHINA will take technological innovation as the main line of its work, carry out innovative practices in promoting benefit growth, promoting structural adjustment, changing growth mode and promoting technological progress, and maintain that scientific and technological investment accounts for more than 2.5% of sales revenue. At the same time, with the "zero emission" of energy conservation and emission reduction as the carrier, we will increase technological innovation to drive process and technological transformation, optimize product structure and technological route, and arrange 52 technological transformation and measures projects throughout the year

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