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Hubei will speed up the release of mining rights and encourage the use of tailings recently, the general office of Hubei Provincial People's government issued several opinions on deepening the reform of land and resources and serving high-quality development, making new breakthroughs in the release of sandstone mines and the simplification of administration and decentralization of mining rights

requirements of the opinions: ensure the effective supply of building stones. Encourage all localities to speed up the investment of proposed mining rights in accordance with the relevant requirements of green development, actively promote the production and integration of existing building stone mining rights that do not involve the ecological red line, and implement centralized and large-scale mining. Encourage existing legal mines to comprehensively utilize tailings and waste residues

delegate approval authority. It is hoped that the review of the land reclamation plan of the "provincial competent department of land and resources" and the mineral resource reserves issued at the municipal and county levels will be delegated to the municipal (prefecture) competent department of land and resources for more and more reviews and records of the economic cooperation between the two sides

continue to reduce the approval time limit. Provincial examination and approval time for land and minerals will be cut by another half. The preliminary review of land for construction projects, approval of land acquisition and approval of agricultural land conversion shall be completed within 6 working days. We not only want to avoid all this; The general approval of mining rights and the approval of mineral resources covered by construction projects are completed within 12 working days and 5 working days respectively. In addition, the Hubei Provincial Department of land and resources will no longer review the land transfer announcement, will no longer separately accept the approval of mining rights transfer, and will combine the transfer and change of mining rights

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