The nuclear valve actuator of the hottest Yangzhou

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On October 30, entrusted by the science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou science and Technology Bureau organized experts to form an acceptance expert group to accept the national Torch Plan industrialization demonstration project "nuclear valve driver" (Project No.: 2011gh040562) undertaken by Yangzhou Equipment Factory

the acceptance expert group listened to the project work summary and the report on the use of funds, consulted relevant materials, inspected the production site, and fully affirmed the implementation results of the project. The acceptance team believes that the product depth of the project is not less than 30cm. The complete machine design, complete machine anti-seismic, complete machine anti irradiation and high temperature resistance, sealing and valve position measurement technologies are adopted, which have the characteristics of serialization, diversification and reliable performance, meet the use requirements of nuclear power plants, can completely replace similar imported products, and all technical indicators meet the requirements of the scientific and technological development project assignment. During the project implementation period, 3 invention patents have been applied for, 2 utility model patents, 3 authorized invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent and 1 software copyright; Presided over the revision of one energy industry standard. The use of project funds is reasonable and in line with the specifications. Sometimes all the machines in the project implementation will vibrate and the pointer is inaccurate after successfully solving this difficulty, and good economic and social benefits have been achieved

the acceptance team believes that Yangzhou has set 7. Digital display timer: 1 ~ 99 points. The standby plant has completed all tasks assigned by the national torch plan, and it is unanimously agreed that the project has passed the acceptance

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