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Analysys think tank: the number of 3G users may exceed 300million in 2012. Ctiforum news on February 17 (Haoyu): according to the data of enfodesk Analysys think tank, China's mobile users reached 986million in 2011, a year-on-year increase of 14.81.%. The number of 3G users reached 128million. The penetration rate exceeds 70%, and the 3G penetration rate is 13%

however, the popularity of intelligence and the demand of mobile Internet applications for data bandwidth will promote the large-scale transition of 2G mobile users to 3G groups. It is estimated that the 3G user group will grow rapidly in 2012, the number of users may exceed 300million, and the 3G penetration rate will exceed one quarter

research description

enfodesk Analysys intelligent aluminum alloy electronic universal testing machine features and advantages (1): the industrial analysis provided by the library is mainly based on the industrial macro data, end-user quarterly survey data, manufacturer historical data and manufacturer quarterly business monitoring information, using Analysys industrial analysis model and combining market research, industry research and manufacturer research methods, which mainly reflects the current market situation Trends, inflection points and laws, as well as the development status of manufacturers

enfodesk Analysys think tank believes that the data obtained through the above industrial research methods can accurately reflect the trend and change law of the industry within the accepted error range of the industry

the research results obtained through professional research methods are intended for decision-making reference. For the actual data of the manufacturer, please query the financial report issued by the manufacturer

company introduction

Analysys International was established in 2000, which can exchange with servo automatic control. It is an excellent information product, service and solution provider in the firmness interconnected market of China Internet and glass weaving dimension. Every year, it provides information products, services and solutions, including subscription based enfodesk information platform and Enfogrowth special consultation, to senior executives from Internet and information technology manufacturers, telecom operators, industry users, investment institutions and government departments from all over the world, and further strengthens innovators, industry users, government agencies, and Opportunities for in-depth communication and cooperation among investment institutions were obtained. By providing one-stop financing consulting services and investment research and evaluation on industrial enterprises, enfocapital reduces enterprise financing costs, helps enterprises develop and helps investors maximize investment value

product introduction

enfodesk Analysys think tank is a business information service platform that provides customers with the economic development of China's innovative industries through subscription system. Analysys think tank has become the preferred information tool for governments, enterprises, investment institutions and professionals at home and abroad to understand the market and improve their judgment, innovation and decision-making power

enfodesk Analysys think tank has the richest content resources and analysis models in the industry, the most professional information analysis and retrieval tools, the most value-added analyst services and the most convenient directional push service. Analysys think tank provides customers with credible, reliable, available and cost-effective information and data to ensure that customers grasp business opportunities and avoid risks in the process of continuous development and drastic changes in the market

enfodesk Analysys think tank has fully integrated internal and external resources through an open platform to build a business information service platform rich in modules in the form of data, information and tools. Customers can select and subscribe to the required modules according to their own needs

help customers understand the development and change trend of macroeconomic environment

help customers understand existing or potential competitors and partners for comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation

help customers explore user needs and behavior changes. CTI Forum Report

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