The number of low voltage transformer laboratories

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Several tests can be carried out for the commissioning of the low voltage transformer Laboratory of Hubei Measurement Center recently, the instrument transformer Laboratory of the measurement center of Hubei electric power company, which was constructed by Wuhan Nari, Hubei Province, carried out the full performance test of the low voltage current transformer for the first time, realizing the successful commissioning of the laboratory

the laboratory adopts the comprehensive test device of low-voltage current transformer independently developed by Wuhan Nari, which can carry out more than ten tests such as appearance test, electrical performance test and mechanical performance test of low-voltage current transformer. It has the significant advantages of accurate test data, good reliability and high automation. This full performance test involves 15 batches of samples of 5 specifications. The device uniformly carries out batch sampling in accordance with the national technical specifications. The samples are subject to the scientific test of gold falling by 1.5% and silver falling by 3.6% and compared with the reserved samples. The performance results are automatically analyzed and conclusions are drawn, providing a scientific basis for ensuring the quality of low-voltage current transformers. The test report is printed

the performance of the laboratory was highly praised by Hubei Metrology Center, and the test was reported by the national "headlines". The accelerated development of the laboratory and the successful operation of the new material industry have played an important technical support role in the quality supervision of low-voltage transformer, and also demonstrated the professional strength of Wuhan Nari in the construction of low-voltage transformer laboratory

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