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The number of enterprises applying for commodity bar code registration in China ranks third in the world.

up to now, more than 100000 enterprises have applied for commodity bar code registration in China, ranking third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan

according to zhangchenghaijie, deputy director of China article coding center, at present, more than 1million kinds of product packages in China have been printed with commodity bar codes, and tens of thousands of commercial supermarkets and distribution centers have applied bar code technology for automatic scanning, settlement and management. An industrial team consisting of thousands of enterprises engaged in the R & D, production, sales and application system integration of bar code and automatic identification technology equipment has been formed nationwide, and the bar code and automatic identification technology industry has begun to take shape in China

zhangchenghai said that bar code technology, as a standardized basic technology that runs through the normal process of facilitating information circulation, has been applied in many fields, such as retail, manufacturing, trade, low labor input logistics, taxation, customs, finance, etc., laying a good technical foundation for e-commerce, chain operation and logistics distribution, and greatly improving the competitiveness of China's goods in domestic and foreign markets, It has promoted the development of China's economy

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