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As a star of products, the "Berlin style" series of spaces of Laoka have captured the hearts of a large number of urban elites with excellent quality and modern simplicity. This time, Huiya experience Xiaobian takes you to this wonderful space to feel the beauty together

with the increasingly prominent personalized needs of consumers, they are eager to achieve the beauty of the overall design of the home style, and the whole house customized series launched by lockcard wardrobe at the Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition in March surprised the audience. As a star of products, the "Berlin style" series of spaces of Laoka have captured the hearts of a large number of urban elites with excellent quality and modern simplicity. This time, Huiya experience Xiaobian takes you to this wonderful space to feel the beauty together

style display

in the past, furniture may only meet our basic use needs, and its aesthetics and integrity often did not become the focus of ordinary families. The "Berlin style" series space covers "living room + tatami space", bedroom space and cloakroom. The strong overall style customization brings us more harmonious beauty, and the warm and harmonious family atmosphere seems to be born from it

stepping into this harmonious garden, the simple and comfortable modern style makes Xiaobian feel like a spring breeze and feel comfortable! The one-piece TV cabinet + top bookcase gives full play to the space utilization, and solves a big worry of room design for many people! Looking to the left, the plain and low-key tatami with a full "sense of existence" can be regarded as a comfortable place to receive guests, making all the chat more energetic and letting all the thoughts pour out here

Lauca's interpretation of fashion has never been limited to one style. The long and narrow cloakroom gives people a sense of depth, people's line of sight is well extended, and the overall visual space is instantly enlarged. The reasonable spatial layout also brings more convenience to the owner, making it easier to get all clothes and accessories! The biggest attraction of this space also lies in the unique color matching: Apollo? The fashionable color contrast of red + Parana has to make people admire Louka, a "big color player"

in the limited space, the designer gave full play to infinite creativity. The "L" type splicing of the bedside table and the bed hanging cabinet creates a perfect design line with full fashion charm. Further inside, one-piece floating window cabinet makes people admire it with its extremely powerful storage function

beauty of quality

the ingenious open storage grid design at the corner saves the trouble of opening and closing the cabinet door, which not only makes the placement of objects more convenient, but also beautifies the living environment and adds interest to life, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone

the hidden trousers rack makes all trousers more orderly. The exquisite storage grid and meticulous small hooks create a comfortable place to live for ties, trinkets, etc., making all "putting" and "taking" easy and simple. Laoka integrates caring into the detailed design of products, and brings the warmth of home into our hearts

the floating window cabinet has a unique design. When the cabinet board is tiled, it is a small rest space. You can taste coffee while reading, or you can talk with your friends to release yourself. The concealed handle gives the whole cabinet a perfect smooth line without losing practicality. With a slight pull, the cabinet board is easily lifted, and multiple large cabinet spaces are enough to meet your storage needs

the large-scale makeup mirror with its own lighting effect makes Xiaobian excited. The soft light makes us see more carefully when we dress up carefully, and adds a touch of warmth to the room. Touch the mirror, and the date, time, room temperature and other information will be displayed

the safe hidden in the cabinet is a highlight of this space. This built-in safe does not give people a strong sense of abruptness like ordinary safe, but naturally integrates into the whole room layout, greatly improving the coordination of the whole room. At the same time, it also provides a secret and safe "home" for our important properties and documents

what impresses people most about the "Berlin style" series space is the ubiquitous storage space frame. From a distance, the small lattice with a sense of design, large and small, and the clever matching of dark and light colors always give people an illusion: the cabinet itself is a precious art! But in fact, they are not only beautiful, but also have quite powerful storage functions

imported high-quality small-diameter log materials selected by Laoka belong to E0 grade environmental protection boards, which are made of 100% logs, so that homeowners can live more safely and at ease

hardware accessories have always been the details that can not be ignored in judging a furniture product. Berlin style series space adopts European high-quality hardware, and these hardware accessories have been strictly tested. Therefore, the products are not easy to rust, zero noise, and their service life is longer

experience and perception

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Company Name: Guangdong Laoka Furniture Co., Ltd.

time of entry into China: 2004

business brand: Laoka wardrobe

main products: overall wardrobe, Furniture Customization

official website:

investment hotline: 4006620888 ext. 7029





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