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Yesterday morning, the owner of Xiangmei Garden community on Fuzhou 61 middle road called Haidu hotline 95060 and said: “ A shopping mall on the second floor of the community is being renovated. Construction waste is thrown directly from the second floor to the ground without watering, which makes it dusty and the windows dare not open& rdquo;

decoration waste is directly dumped, with a lot of dust.

at about 11:00 yesterday morning, Haidu reporters rushed to the scene. Many workers were on the second floor of Double Star Art City, dumping bricks, concrete and other construction waste directly onto the ground of the first floor of the community. The construction waste on the first floor was already twoorthree meters high

Haidu reporter noticed that the doors and windows parked in the community were covered with dust, and the glass of the low-rise unit in the community was also covered with dust. Many owners complain that dumping construction waste directly not only disturbs the residents, but also the community is full of dust, “ Wear a mask when you go out;. A staff member of the community property said: “ After dissuading several times, (we) have no power to enforce the law, and there is nothing we can do& rdquo;

yesterday, Haidu reporters came to the second floor of the double star art city where construction waste was dumped. A person in charge of the scene said that because the water pipe for dust removal failed that morning, it was not watered, “ The water connection pipe is being repaired ”. The person in charge is responsible for “ Construction waste disturbs residents ” Apologize to the community owner for the problem, “ The owner can come to the door directly, and (we) are willing to compensate the owner for the loss ”. (reporter Zhou Deqing/Wen Lin Dan/picture)





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