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Feng Shui is related to our life and fortune, so we all pay attention to Feng Shui in our life, so as not to let Feng Shui have a bad impact on our fortune; So what is the stress of Feng Shui in store door decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

store door decoration Feng Shui

What are the requirements of store door decoration Feng Shui

there must be no smelly ditches flowing in front of the door, and there must be no pits with sewage on the ground at the door. From a modern point of view, the gate is like a person's face. If there is sewage, it will give people a dirty feeling. Of course, it has a poor image and it is difficult to carry out business

for the shops on the second floor, in order to attract crowds, the stairs should not be narrow and crowded, otherwise there will be a sense of oppression, which will make guests unwilling to patronize. The ideal staircase should be wide, which not only looks comfortable, but also takes into account safety

in terms of mental health and environmental health, the door of the shop should also avoid facing some buildings called unlucky by Feng Shui

the unlucky buildings mentioned by Feng Shui mainly refer to some buildings that make people easily feel psychological discomfort, such as chimneys, toilets, Cowpens, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and so on. These buildings, or black smoke, or stink, or cry, or disease chant, these airflow brought by unlucky buildings, Feng Shui regards it as ferocious

if you let the door of the shop open towards the unlucky building, the stench, howling and disease will sweep away. It's OK to run some grocery stores. If you run restaurants and hotels, there must be few diners and few tourists, because no one is willing to spend money to smell the stink and listen to the crying. Moreover, for operators, often in such an environment, it will also cause mental distress and poor morale; In serious cases, they will also become ill and lose their business

of course, when choosing the location of a shop, you should avoid opening in such an unlucky area. If you want to set it in such an area for other reasons, you must avoid these ominous objects when opening the door, and choose to open the door in the direction of superior gas. Moreover, it is best to put a screen behind the door to block the evil gas again

there are five pages in total. The first page is 12345. On the next page, Feng Shui emphasizes that the door of the Yang house should be opened to avoid ominous things. In another sense, it emphasizes that people's work and life need an environment with fresh air and good visual sense. In a good environment, people work in a happy spirit and give the best play to their intelligence. Naturally, people have the highest success rate in doing things

some shops will open two doors to facilitate customers' access, which seems to be beneficial in terms of business. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, except for a few cases, opening "two doors relative" will lead to poor fortune, so it is not appropriate to open two doors

the store door cannot face the escalator connected with the upper floor. If the escalator moving up from the lower floor is facing in front of the shop door, it is called "pumping water into the hall", which also belongs to the theory of auspiciousness and prosperity. On the contrary, if the front of the shop faces the escalator leading to the next floor, the situation will change. It is called "money returning water", also known as "rolling curtain water", that is, it takes away the money in front of the door, which is a phase of not gathering money

therefore, in the decoration and design of shops, you can turn the store door towards the upward escalator, but you should not turn the store door towards the downward escalator

the shop door has different effects on different buildings or objects, so the decoration of various objects outside or inside the door, the color and pattern of the door all have an impact on Feng Shui. Example: the gate is facing the corner with three sharp edges and eight corners. This corner is like a sharp knife. Every day when you open the door, you will see a sharp blade stabbing your face. Psychologically, it will not be peaceful. Over time, it will naturally affect your health, so it is unfavorable from the perspective of Feng Shui

store door decoration Feng Shui must know

1. Avoid annoying storefronts: Feng Shui strives to face south when choosing the base site of Yangzhai, in order to avoid the sun exposure in summer and the cold wind in winter. The choice of business address also needs to consider avoiding the sun and cold wind. Then, the best thing is to sit north facing south, that is, to take the south

2. Avoid cold shops: if the shops face north, winter is also unimaginable. Whether the northeast wind blows or the northwest wind blows, it will drill into the open shops. Feng Shui also regards coldness as a kind of evil spirit. Too much coldness is detrimental to people and business activities. When the cold wind blows, the clerk suffers another kind of suffering. If he is in good health, he may get sick

there are 5 pages in total. Page 1: 12345 page 2: 3. Avoid stores with excessive Yin Qi: in towns, crowded places are bustling areas where people flow. According to Feng Shui, someone is angry. For Yang Qi, the more people are angry, the more prosperous they are. Taking advantage of anger can bring prosperity to business. From the perspective of economics, the bustling area of a town is the place where commodity transactions are the most active and frequent. People gather to buy goods to a large extent

check the big picture

4. Open areas should be selected: when choosing a home address, shops should be open in front of the house and accept anger from all sides, which is in line with the emphasis on attracting visitors from all directions in business According to this principle, when choosing the address of the store, we should also consider the open space in front of the store, and it is required that there should be no obstructions, such as fences, telegraph poles, billboards and trees that are too large to cover

5. It is advisable to choose a place with auspicious meanings: there are many factors to consider when choosing a business address. For example, some people consider choosing a street name with auspicious meaning, or choosing a house number that can bring good luck to themselves as the address of the store. Such a choice, in addition to giving businessmen and customers some psychological comfort, also has geomantic significance

conclusion: new store Feng Shui should have a positive impact on the store. Good feng shui can make the store more popular and bring more business. This is a good fortune Feng Shui

what are the highlights of store door decoration Feng Shui?

What are the store decoration Feng Shui?

store decoration Feng Shui furnishings 1 Store door

generally, the decoration door of the store should not be too small. The door of the access channel is too small, which will make it very inconvenient for its customers to enter and exit. In the feng shui of store decoration, too small doors are not conducive to receiving gas, which reduces the vitality in the store and increases the vitality; The so-called "scissors road" means that there must be no fork in front of the store gate, which will also affect the owner's judgment and decision-making

store decoration Feng Shui furnishings 2 Counter

for the decoration and furnishings of the counter, many people will design it at the exit of the escalator. Of course, this is to let customers see the promoted goods at a glance, but often some customers will bypass this counter and go to the counter next to them to choose, so do not prevent setting the counter 2 meters away from the stairway entrance, maybe you will feel the wonderful use of "curtilage"

store decoration Feng Shui furnishings 3 Cash register

in the geomancy of store decoration, the placement of cash register in a good store decoration is very important, and it is not suitable to be designed in near chaos, and it must be arranged properly at the same time

of course, in store decoration Feng Shui, there is also great emphasis on the color in the store, which should also be considered according to the orientation of the store, the five element attribute of the goods sold and the owner's birthday

store decoration Feng Shui furnishings 4 Site selection

there are five pages in total. The first page is 12345. The next page is due to the large flow of people at the Trident intersection, many people will choose the Trident intersection and other places when choosing the location of the store. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui of store decoration, it is better to change the entrance of the store door to the side at this time, so as to avoid and block the evil spirit coming from the main road, and the effect will be better. There are five pages in total, the first page is 12345, the next page

What are the directions of the stove? the location of the stove should be scientific

the ancient book "three essentials of the Yangzhai" clearly points out that the stove is the source of wealth and is one of the three essentials of Feng Shui. The first thing that people think about the feng shui of the stove today is that the sitting direction of the stove and the door of the house cannot be opposite, and it is more forbidden to open the door to the stove, which is the so-called "open the door to the stove, money and money are consumed"

in fact, in the ancient house structure, the kitchen is mostly a single room single family. The door does not refer to the door of the house, but to the entrance of the kitchen. If the stove is opposite to the door, the wind will blow to the stove through the door and affect the stove fire. If the door is just opposite to the stove, the influence of wind on the stove is more direct. Therefore, the ancients believed that the back of the door stove was not good, and it was more unfavorable to open the door to the stove, which had its scientific basis

however, modern residential kitchens are mostly indoors. If the entrance door is not too close to the kitchen, the entrance door and the stove have no direct wind inducing effect, so there is no need to pay attention to the consistency between the entrance door and the stove. Once a family, in order to avoid the "ferocity" of the back of the door stove, actually forced the stove to be placed by the window. In fact, the entrance door of this family is far away from the kitchen, so it is not inappropriate to turn away from it. On the contrary, changing the stove to the air outlet beside the window will leave hidden dangers such as gas leakage

the first thing to consider in the setting of the stove is the air vent to maintain the stability of the stove, so the stove must not be placed next to the window or opposite the window

at the same time, the stove should not be too close to the kitchen door, otherwise the oil smoke and dry gas will easily overflow, thus affecting the home gas field environment. Secondly, the stove must be careful not to be directly opposite to the toilet door, because once the cold and wet filth of the toilet intersects with the hot and cold smoke, it is particularly easy to pollute food and affect health. Of course, although the stove should not be against or against the window, it should not be too far away from the window. The lampblack produced by the stove during cooking must be discharged through the window as soon as possible. Being too far away from the window will naturally affect the emission effect of lampblack. Third, the stove should not be too close to the water source, such as wash basins, faucets, etc., otherwise the incompatible characteristics of water and fire will bring many troubles to residents, and the stove should not be too close to refrigerators and other electrical appliances

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