Installation points of indoor windows in Qijia cla

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The installation of doors and windows shall be carried out after the indoor and outdoor painting, leveling, scraping and other wet operations are completed

the installation of doors and windows should be carried out after the indoor and outdoor painting, leveling, scraping and other wet operations are completed

Dikai doors and windows and sunshine room

check the specification and position of the fixing piece

the fixing piece adopts Q235 cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, with a thickness of not less than 1.5mm and a width of not less than 15mm The position of the fixing sheet shall be 150~200mm away from the window corner, the middle mullion and the middle transom, and the spacing between the fixing sheets shall not be less than 600mm. The fixing sheet shall not be directly installed on the bumper of the middle transom and the middle transom. It is not allowed to install one-way fixing plates, but two-way fixing plates should be installed according to the specification requirements to ensure balanced stress

fixing of window frame

when the window frame is installed into the hole, the center line of its upper and lower frames should be aligned with the center line of the hole, and the symmetrical positions of the upper and lower frames of the window and the middle transom should be plugged with wooden wedges and cushion blocks for temporary fixing; When the length of the lower frame is greater than 0.9m, the middle part should also be plugged with a wooden wedge or cushion block for temporary fixation. Then determine the installation position of the window frame in the thickness direction of the hole wall according to the design drawings, and adjust the verticality, levelness and squareness of the window frame, and its allowable deviation should comply with relevant regulations

fixed door frame

the lower foot of the two frames should be lower than the ground level line, and the height difference should be 30mm; The casement door with lower frame or sliding door should make the lower frame lower than the ground elevation, and its height difference should be 10mm During installation, measures shall be taken to prevent the deformation of the door frame, and then a fixing piece of the upper frame shall be fixed on the wall, and the levelness, perpendicularity and squareness of the door frame shall be adjusted, and a wooden wedge shall be used for temporary positioning. The allowable deviation shall comply with relevant regulations

when the doors and windows are fixed with the wall, the upper frame should be fixed first, and then the frame. The fixing method shall meet the following requirements:

(1) the opening of the concrete wall shall be fixed with shooting nails or plastic expansion screws

(2) the opening of the brick wall shall be fixed with plastic expansion screws or cement nails, and shall not be fixed at the brick joint

(3) for the aerated concrete opening, wood screws should be used to fix the fixing piece on the embedded adhesive log

(4) the hole with embedded iron parts shall be fixed by welding, or the foundation hole can be punched on the embedded parts according to the fastener specification, and then fixed with fasteners

filling treatment of window frames and openings

the inner cavity of the gap between door and window frames and openings should be filled in layers with closed cell foamed plastic, expanded polystyrene and other elastic materials, and the filling should not be too tight. For projects with high requirements for thermal insulation and sound insulation grade, corresponding thermal insulation and sound insulation materials shall be used for filling. After filling, remove the wooden wedge or cushion block for temporary fixing, and the gap should also be filled with closed hole elastic material. The window frame and the hole are finally sealed with sealant. After installing the window sash, pay attention to check whether the lap amount of the window sash contained in the window frame meets the standard requirements. If there are quality and safety hazards, all must be reworked





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