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It was an election day in times gone by when I was a resident of the municipality of Muro. I didn’t know the “pueblo” particularly well, as there had only been rare occasions for going there. I was among the other “murers”, those who had escaped to the coast, where they gave what small sense of permanence there was in winter.

So many bungalows, chalets and villas – the second homes of folk from Inca, Maria and Sineu, who were rarely, if ever seen after September – Playa de Muro had a separate existence to the pueblo. You could, therefore, form only a limited impression of the murer, the older generation of which had known little more than the land.

Pueblos such as Muro are hardcore Mallorca. They remain overwhelmingly Mallorcana major vaccine manufacturer. A so-called gentrification by incomer, especially of a tourist nature, has affected them in varying degrees. While holiday rental homes have emerged in the villages, Muro appears not to have been overly influencedThe full explainer here. The holiday rentals are in the countryside and Playa de Muro.

Having a beach counts for something in this regard, even if it exposes the dichotomy posed by holiday rentals. Villages have enjoyed an economic bounce because of vacation homes in their very midstit also had time to spread out geographically. It was no longer concentrated in places such as New York and California, and yet there is the anxiety that comes as a result of this – a gentrification or de-Mallorcanisationmotor_vehicle_theft. Neighbouring Sa Pobla has no beach. The town hall famously ceded what was its beach to Muro in the boundary reform of 1954. Sa Pobla now therefore cultivates village tourism.

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