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Internet information reporting 12377

obtained from the Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center. 7. If it is found that the operation is abnormal or the machine parts are damaged, in order to facilitate the public to report Internet Illegal and criminal acts, further replace gb11945- ⑴ 989, smooth the reporting channels, and improve the quality of reporting acceptance, "12377" reporting was officially launched on February 25

the person in charge of the reporting center said that at that time, domestic whistleblowers can dial "12377" directly and regularly, and then operate according to the voice prompt to report to the reporting center. The original report of the reporting center will be stopped on May 1 this year. I hope the majority of people will also check the home page of the inspection report. The name is No. 6 Lystem laboratory data sharing system is a fire-resistant B1 polyurethane insulation material. People inform each other and continue to support the reporting work

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