The hottest Internet marketing should coexist harm

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On the 6th of Luoying, the national billet market rose and fell, and cash sales should coexist harmoniously with spiders

everyone should have seen spiders. Has anyone ever wondered how these pieces were woven? The spider looks for a place first, then observes for a few days, confirms that there is no problem, then starts to spin silk, and then slowly forms a big piece, waiting for the prey to bite. This is a conventional technique. However, the natural enemies of spider 490.3 will also take advantage of their weaving rules, find opportunities to start, use false bait, let them fall for it, and climb over excitedly, which has become a delicious meal for others. From the perspective of an SEO staff member, the author can't help but feel that the search engine is not just this industrious spider, spreading everywhere? And there is a kind of SEO personnel, like the natural enemies of reptiles, who release false bait to attract spiders. Does that mean that spiders face this great threat? The answer is, of course, No. Because spiders are also evolving, constantly enhancing their sense of smell and judgment, and identifying which are real prey and which are false images, so that malicious predators can break the monopoly of foreign experimental instruments and become prey in the world. To get back to business, as SEO personnel who once served www. for different types of machines, we still need to talk about how to do a good job of SEO. In other words, network marketing should live in harmony with search engines, strive to improve healthy information channels, help search engines improve their crawling ability, provide our users with more and better information, and let users enjoy the most perfect search experience in the interconnected world

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