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IOT + construction machinery hand in hand to move deeper

IOT + construction machinery hand in hand to move deeper

China Construction machinery information

in recent years, the IOT industry has developed rapidly. Since the first China Construction Machinery IOT Summit Forum was successfully held in Nanjing on November 21, 2013, IOT has become a hot word in the construction machinery industry in recent years. In June this year, the world IOT conference will be held in China. 2016 is destined to be another year of rapid development of China IOT

The concept of IOT was put forward by the United States as early as the end of the 20th century. IOT connects any equipment with the Internet according to the agreed agreement through radio frequency identification (RFID), global positioning system (GPS), infrared sensors, laser scanning and other information sensing equipment to communicate and exchange information, so as to realize a network concept of equipment identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. The construction machinery IOT refers to the realization of intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of construction machinery with the help of global positioning system (GPS), communication and interconnection, so that the construction machinery, operators, technical service engineers, agent stores and manufacturers can realize the remote, dynamic and all-weather "connection between things, people and things"

the concept of construction machinery IOT has been known by the industry with XCMG applying IOT technology, developing construction machinery IOT and establishing XCMG IOT R & D center. The concept of IOT of construction machinery is gradually accepted by the construction machinery industry. At present, the major brand construction machinery companies will install GPS as the standard configuration. Users only need to operate the machinery according to the procedures. All other problems, such as maintenance, repair, update, remanufacture, can be solved through "construction machinery IOT", which truly realizes the sold construction machinery, lifelong management and lifelong service

how will construction machinery enterprises integrate with the era of world IOT

in the field of construction machinery, there is no unified concept of the standardization of IOT in construction machinery at present. Compared with car couplets in the automotive industry and wearable devices in the electronic manufacturing industry, the state has issued many relevant standards, but few in construction machinery. However, for construction machinery enterprises, the whole construction machinery IOT is still developing, and there are many new trends

for Sany Heavy Industry, a leader in the machinery industry, as early as six years ago, the board of directors of Sany Heavy Industry proposed "building a digital chemical plant" and began to explore the field of IOT. In an interview with he Dongdong, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., he said: "Sany connects 200000 equipment sold abroad and generates 200 million pieces of data every day. These data help us continuously improve our R & D service level and win the market."

the application of IOT in the direction of construction machinery

one is to realize remote control and provide users with more efficient services. On the construction site thousands of miles away, engineering machinery and equipment have faults. All kinds of fault information and data can be transmitted to the manufacturer's system control room in time, and then the experts will send the solution back to the construction site to finally solve the problem. For example, Sany Heavy Industry has installed intelligent terminals for all equipment leaving the site, and equipped intelligent terminals and intelligence for after-sales service vehicles and service engineers to "connect" users' equipment with Sany services. At present, through intelligent scheduling, Sany will dispatch the nearest engineer to provide services and parts delivery in time when the user's equipment fails. Sany group has greatly improved the service quality through IOT, recovered the losses caused by customer downtime, and saved service costs

the second kind of use is that there are more than 2000 coal mines in the history of big data. Construction machinery IOT can collect a huge amount of data, which is actually an innovative group led by Luo Tiejun, deputy director of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of gold industry and information technology, to investigate the industrial economic operation in the first quarter. If it is used well, enterprises can dig a very considerable wealth. In terms of big data application, the IOT of construction machinery has four development directions: first, improve product quality. Enterprises can analyze whether products have defects according to various diagnostic data, and help R & D departments or quality management departments improve product quality. Second, the auxiliary decision-making of marketing strategy. Through the IOT of construction machinery, we can clearly understand the use of construction machinery around the world, and the local economic development can be analyzed through big data, which can be used as a reference for the marketing decisions of enterprises. Third, auxiliary decision-making of sales service. Through the use of equipment, we can analyze which models are more in the current area, how they are used, whether we need to add service points, what parts often fail, whether we need to increase the inventory of spare parts, etc., which can be helped through IOT. Fourth, the demand analysis of new product research and development. Through the analysis of users' usage habits by the China Federation of construction machinery, targeted publicity and recommendation can be made to users whose usage habits meet the characteristics of new products

Dongfeng with IOT will realize the informatization and intellectualization of the construction machinery industry to a greater extent. Take Sany group as an example, through the construction of big data platform, independent research and development to establish a big data storage and analysis platform, through data analysis and user demand collection, collation, analysis, greatly improve the service capacity. "Through big data analysis, Sany group further optimized the turnover of accessories. While ensuring the high-quality service level, the inventory decreased by nearly 50%, and the accuracy rate of estimating users' demand for accessories increased by 25 percentage points.

in addition, with the application of IOT, construction machinery enterprises can better realize social value. All pump trucks and cranes delivered by Zoomlion are pre installed with GPS vehicle terminals, and GPS real-time is implemented to focus on the development of high biocompatibility Dental implant prosthesis; Focusing on the monitoring and management system of the new cardio cerebral vascular implantation, the vehicle mileage, operation status, boom operation data, PLC control signal and other data are grasped in real time; Daily monitoring of rental and mortgage vehicles to ensure that rental fees and mortgage payments are recovered in a timely manner, reducing the business risk of the enterprise; Improve the brand image and market competitiveness of the enterprise, and stimulate sales growth. The GPS positioning system can also help enterprises quickly mobilize local construction machinery and equipment to carry out rescue and disaster relief activities in case of a disaster accident in a certain place, so as to enhance the good social image of enterprises. For example, after the landslides in Shenzhen and the mining accidents in Pingyi, Shandong Province, some brands of construction machinery rushed to the scene for rescue at the first time, benefiting from the application of IOT

construction machinery products are important equipment to ensure project quality and provide rescue and disaster relief. In the future, construction machinery and equipment will play a huge social role in the field of RFID and global positioning of IOT

the development of IOT technology has made some impossibilities in the construction machinery industry possible, and also provided great help to the construction machinery host manufacturers, making them obtain a huge amount of information in terms of sales, service and R & D. Construction machinery enterprises promote the development of construction machinery IOT, which can improve the quality and service in many ways, so as to create more social value. Construction machinery IOT will be one of the important economic sources of construction machinery enterprises in the future

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