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The "IOT + application" model armed modern agriculture and made agriculture more "smart"

IOT has changed people's lives and production methods. In Xishan Taichuang Park, sensitive electronic eyes and sensing systems covering fields and planting greenhouses constitute a "smart network" that helps the development of modern agriculture. As the Wuxi IOT agricultural sub center, taichuangyuan leverages the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University and other universities and colleges to vigorously promote the integration and comprehensive application of agricultural IOT technology, providing a typical demonstration for the development of modern agriculture in developed areas

case 1: taichuangyuan IOT makes modern agriculture more amazing

entering the Huali flower Intelligent Greenhouse in taichuangyuan high tech park, I saw tens of thousands of green Phalaenopsis neatly placed in the warm spring like greenhouse. Amazingly, thanks to the intelligent control, Phalaenopsis, which could only be used as spring festival flowers for the Spring Festival market, can bloom in other seasons at will. For example, during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday last year, 30000 pots of Phalaenopsis were sold in this greenhouse

the manager said that even if he is on a business trip, he can log in to the client of the IOT monitoring platform through his own intelligence to remotely control the environment required for the growth of flowers, so as to achieve accurate perception, accurate operation and fine management. For Wuxi people who are more and more familiar with IOT, sensors are no longer strange. The small iron box hanging above the greenhouse contains sensors, which are the core equipment of the IOT platform. This sensor, with 360 degree infrared HD camera function, can monitor the situation in the shed in an all-round way without dead corners for 24 hours. Moreover, every once in a while, it will collect data and transmit it to the IOT system platform. The greenhouse managers can remotely control the operation of fans, sunshades and other facilities in the greenhouse through computers or login platforms

according to the relevant person in charge, the park has spared no effort in the IOT of software and hardware in the past two years. In terms of hardware, we have continuously increased the testing and promotion of new agricultural machinery, cooperated with Nanjing Institute of mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, Yangzhou University and other institutions to carry out the testing and promotion of new agricultural machinery such as rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables, and built a "four in one" agricultural machinery Center (i.e. seedling raising center, agricultural machinery warehouse and agricultural machinery maintenance center, grain low-temperature drying center, milled rice processing center), realizing the "whole process of rice production without landing"; The "smart Scarecrow" agricultural comprehensive information intelligent monitoring system developed by Fudan University is introduced, which realizes the data collection, storage, transmission and management of crop planting environment information; A new type of high-speed pot seedling transplanter (seedling placing machine) and pot seedling raising assembly line have been introduced, which can save 50%-70% seeds per mu and increase grain production by 10%-15%; The remote-controlled agricultural unmanned helicopter is introduced to spray biological pesticides, leaf fertilizer, etc. 22 mu of land can be sprayed at one take-off and landing, which greatly shortens the working time and saves human and material costs; The "Yuetian" series of small multi-functional horticultural agricultural machinery, soil tillage and management machinery in the greenhouse, efficient plant protection machinery, automatic irrigation facilities and fresh-keeping storage and transportation machinery have been introduced, and the mechanization of greenhouse planting, ploughing, plant protection, irrigation, fresh-keeping, storage and transportation production in the park has been preliminarily realized

In terms of platform, on the original intelligent agricultural service platform in the park, an intelligent cloud computing platform composed of operation, maintenance, management platform and public basic platform has been established. The platform relies on the pest database, physiological index database and water environment data built by Taichuang park for various utilization databases, soil environment database and air environment database, summarizes and processes the data sensed by the front end, and makes a data-based analysis of the environment of facility crops. It can analyze the air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity light, CO2 concentration, dissolved oxygen Collect environmental parameters such as pH value and monitor video images in real time, and realize remote control of fan, water curtain, heat preservation, sunshade and other intelligent greenhouse equipment, so as to realize real-time regulation of greenhouse environment. Agricultural technicians can conduct remote intelligent monitoring without arriving at the scene. The platform can also send real-time load values to mobile terminals such as on-site producers and offline managers, laptops, etc; At the same time, detection and prediction and expert decision-making. For emergencies that affect crop growth, such as low oxygen content and high temperature, the platform can not only give early warning in time, but also remotely control aerators and other equipment to resolve dangerous situations. The establishment of intelligent agricultural service platform accelerates the three-dimensional application of taichuangyuan agricultural IOT technology integration and comprehensive application project in the agricultural field. At present, the field rice planting, flowers, fruits and vegetables facility planting in Taichuang park has successively achieved "IOT"

case 2 Yunyang data Yinong IOT system

the greenhouse has a "versatile smart housekeeper"

in order to help the construction of Hongshan IOT town application demonstration pilot area, 2017 Hongshan world IOT technology application competition has been launched in May. The competition gathered a large number of top excellent enterprises, scientific research institutions and entrepreneurial teams in the world IOT industry to explore the application of cutting-edge technology of IOT and attract the world's attention to the world IOT Expo held in Hongshan. Among them, Beijing Yunyang Data Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading provider of smart agricultural IOT system solutions in China, brings Yinong IOT system, which is the "all-round smart steward" of greenhouse

Yinong IOT system is mainly aimed at greenhouse. Based on the existing facility agriculture, it uses the corresponding collection equipment, control equipment, monitoring equipment and software management platform to realize the implementation monitoring and control of greenhouse ecological environment, and can be set according to the requirements to achieve the purpose of automatic environmental regulation. Through the distributed environmental monitoring and control of greenhouse, the model of automatic environmental control and regulation is gradually established

use IOT to realize efficient and convenient agricultural management. In the next few years, traditional offline agriculture will be gradually transferred to online agriculture. Establish a large agricultural database to record the agricultural planting process, so as to realize scientific and accurate farming and the safety traceability of agricultural products

Yinong system can be applied to the planting management of agricultural products. The terminal intelligent sensor device can collect parameters such as air temperature/humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity, soil humidity/temperature, soil pH value, soil EC value, smoke concentration in the planting area in real time, and feed back the data to the greenhouse base station in real time through low-power wireless local area communication technology. The greenhouse base station is connected to the Internet through 3g/4g/wifi/line. The manager can grasp the environmental status information of the planting site in real time through the Internet or remote computer. At the same time, when the environmental parameters exceed the standard, the roller shutter, ventilator, sunshade, irrigation device, fan, etc. can be controlled remotely/automatically, so as to realize the intelligent ecological management of agricultural production

agricultural equipment will be affected in measurement. The system pushes real-time monitoring information, alarm information, etc. to managers through terminals such as computers. Users can grasp the situation of the planting site in time according to relevant information, diagnose according to relevant parameters, and formulate relevant measures in time, so as to give full play to the role of IOT technology in facility agricultural production, ensure that the greenhouse environment is the most suitable for crop growth, and realize refined management, Create conditions for high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecology and safety of crops, and realize the whole process traceability and standardized management of agricultural products production process

"IOT + application" mode arm modern agriculture

Agricultural IOT technology, as a hot "IOT + application" mode, successfully arm modern agriculture with science and technology, change traditional planting methods, improve farming efficiency, and create precision agriculture

taking Taichuang Park as an example, the application of agricultural IOT technology in the park's agricultural items needs to be reconfirmed by metrologists according to these data, which not only greatly reduces the labor force of intensive agriculture, but also greatly improves the added value of agricultural products. Through the intelligent management system, the rice gardens under the jurisdiction of the park have achieved remarkable results in water saving, electricity saving, fertilizer saving and labor cost reduction. The average comprehensive production cost per mu has been reduced by about 30%, and the average yield per mu has increased by about 15%

Sanyang ecological agriculture company, an enterprise in the park, realizes high-precision environmental control in the greenhouse through IOT technology. The price of high-quality green vegetables planted is up to 70-80 yuan per kilogram, far higher than the ordinary green vegetables of about 6 yuan per kilogram. The average output per mu of biological breeding and domestication, industrialized planting of Chinese herbal medicine, high-grade flowers, characteristic fruits and vegetables, functional rice, etc. in Taichuang Park reached 3million yuan, 1million yuan, 300000 yuan, 50000 yuan and 10000 yuan respectively. The total marketing volume exceeded 800million yuan, driving more than 9000 farmers to get rich, and accumulatively increasing farmers' income by nearly 10 million yuan

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