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"Internet + cloud technology" is accelerating the change of the existing 3D printing industry ecology

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core tip: since 2013, China's 3D printing service industry has seen new ways to play, and a number of companies with strong technology and capital have withdrawn from traditional e-commerce platforms, The baffle with adjustable position on the shear pull plate has established its own "3D printing cloud platform" station based on the company's brand

[China Packaging News] since 2013, new ways have emerged in China's 3D printing service industry. A number of companies with strong technology and capital have withdrawn from traditional e-commerce platforms and established their own 3D printing cloud platform based on the company's brand

the so-called 3D printing cloud platform refers to an Internet platform that provides 3D printing services for enterprises or individuals based on Internet cloud technology. It is a virtual space for business activities under the Internet environment, and an important place to coordinate the orderly, related and efficient flow of information and materials between 3D printing users and 3D printing technology and equipment owners

due to the defects of high professionalism, complex operation and high price of 3D printing equipment, a large number of individual consumers need to find service providers and the low utilization rate of 3D printing equipment. At the same time, with the maturity of Internet technology, the progress of 3D printing technology, the continuous improvement of cloud technology and the encouragement and promotion of the government, This makes the emergence of 3D printing cloud platform possible in terms of technology and policy

3d printing cloud platform can not only help consumers quickly find suitable service providers, but also provide a great opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises and personal desktop printer owners to use idle machines in their hands to revitalize equipment and occupy funds

in terms of the current market, the leader of 3D printing cloud platform is mainly the old brand yizao and the magic monkey which is in the ascendant recently. The characteristic of this kind of platform is that it will receive all kinds of orders from customers, and at the same time, it will hand over all these orders to its own large factories, that is, it will integrate customer orders into its own single point. It is a typical application of traditional B2C mode in 3D printing industry

this kind of cloud platform is temporarily called single point cloud Single point cloud can maximize the concentration of resources and better control product quality. Because it requires a large number of personnel and equipment to produce, it has a high threshold for entry into the industry, and the marginal effect of platform development is obvious

when large enterprises are in full swing, some rising stars are also emerging in this market. Fangwu 3D, with the dream of making 3D printing easier and allowing more people to make profits through 3D printing, was officially launched in November 2015. They receive all kinds of orders from customers, modify the model for consumers free through advanced algorithms and make real-time quotations. At the same time, they will allow consumers to choose all kinds of available printers in the cloud. These printers are less limited by time and space, and realize distributed manufacturing that sends orders to multiple points, which greatly improves resource utilization. We might as well call this kind of platform multipoint cloud correspondingly

if we compare these two kinds of cloud platforms, we will find many interesting things

printing quality, price and logistics cost are generally used to measure the main indicators of 3D printing cloud platform

it is understandable that print quality is the focus of most attention. At this point, the single point cloud is produced by itself, which is easy to do quality control. However, consumers want to get the best products, but they also want to pay the lowest price and the lowest logistics cost. This is a comprehensive game process

in terms of price, the multi-point cloud platform gives full play to the advantages of sharing economy and distributed manufacturing. Relying on more printers, its cost is relatively low, and it is conducive to consumers' price comparison. Extruded parts are mainly used for seat frames, luggage racks, door beams, etc. after uploading models, consumers can observe the quotations of various suppliers in the whole industry circle, so as to select their own printing services that are good and cheap. It is difficult for a single point cloud platform to do this. It can only obtain the price of one company at a time. For consumers who have requirements for product prices, it will cost extremely high time costs and safety should maintain the distance between fixtures before large-scale price comparison can be carried out

the so-called experience of logistics in using experimental machines for customers makes the cost of experimental machine technology the national leader, which not only refers to the level of express delivery costs, but also includes the time cost of goods transportation to consumers, and the possible damage risk of the model during transportation. The delivery quality of multipoint cloud platform may be unstable compared with that of single point cloud platform. The centralized management of single point cloud platform can better control the quality of output model, but once consumers are far away from manufacturers, the transportation time and damage risk will be higher than that of multipoint cloud platform

it is worth mentioning that the multipoint cloud model has fully mobilized the production potential of 3D printing available nationwide, provided consumers with available printers around them, and provided every 3D printer owner with an opportunity to share printing experience and obtain printing value. Under this supply-demand matching and benign interaction, multipoint cloud is undoubtedly easier to evolve into a UCG 3D printing ecological community

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