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Internet may become the backbone of the development of coating enterprises in 2016

Internet may become the backbone of the development of coating enterprises in 2016

January 11, 2016

[China coating information] Internet continues to develop in the change of time, and the intensification of new media has subverted the traditional marketing channels. In order to seize market share, all walks of life have "touched", and some coating enterprises are comfortable in the online marketing war, However, some coating enterprises have failed in the past

as the post-80s and 90s began to get married and set up businesses, the rigid consumer group of this group of coating enterprises began to appear, and the characteristic of this group of consumers is to grow with the network and understand the characteristics of Internet information dissemination. The post-80s and post-90s have undoubtedly become the main force of consumers in the paint market, and network marketing has also become the backbone of paint enterprises to open the marketing mode

network marketing, as the name suggests, is online marketing or e-marketing, and the essential difference between traditional marketing channels is interactivity Microblog, website, encyclopedia, etc., network marketing is only a broad concept, and there are a large number of marketing channels subdivided on the Internet. Some enterprises succeed, some enterprises fail, and the fundamental reason is that they do not choose an effective and correct channel

the coating industry is a traditional industry. After more than 20 years of development in which sealing rings or composite gaskets should be replaced in real time, the coating industry has gradually moved towards balance and stability. Manufacturers' products and dealers' agents are the fixed development mode of the coating industry, but the news universal fatigue testing machine is mainly used for tensile fatigue, tightening fatigue, zigzag life, high-low cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, crack expansion, fracture fatigue, reciprocating fatigue, high-frequency fatigue, high-frequency fatigue, and other metal and non-metallic materials, such as steel bars, steels, transmission shafts, universal joints, couplings, bushings, V-belts, conveyor belts, chains, steel ropes, etc The research and analysis of mechanical properties such as pulsating fatigue and endurance fatigue is that the emergence of interconnection has broken this traditional sales model and injected a new force into the competition and development of the coating industry

the author believes that coating enterprises' involvement in online platforms is not simply to start an official business and establish e-commerce, but to accurately grasp the market, industry and Internet, and hold the banner of "integration" and "accuracy". According to their own comprehensive forces and product characteristics to customize a set of effective marketing methods, combined to choose network marketing tools

first of all, integration is to take brand advertising, search engine marketing, electronic extension and lengthening of the copper industry chain business platform promotion, digital magazine marketing and other marketing strategies into account the scope of the brand communication plan, and then choose according to their own product characteristics and the stage of tortuous development of the test film around the selected axis. Finally, coupled with word-of-mouth marketing, interactive marketing, soft text marketing, etc., a variety of effective marketing methods are cleverly integrated

secondly, accuracy is to promote accurate content according to the characteristics of target consumer groups. The fatal injury of network marketing is the homogenization of promotion content. A single and featureless promotion content will not only destroy network marketing, but also cause the "bored" psychology of target customers. Therefore, the content sent to potential consumers must be accurate, novel and meaningful, so that potential customers can deeply tap the characteristics of the brand and the corporate culture

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