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Internet finance has become a new force. ZTE helps traditional banks transform

ctiforum on November 12 (Li Wenjie): a few days ago, ZTE was invited to participate in the second small and medium-sized banks' Internet finance development strategy seminar, and introduced in detail to the guests usmartdc cloud data center, goldendata big data solutions, and @gilebank smart bank solutions, which were highly praised by customers

the seminar was hosted by the professional committee of financial informatization of the Chinese financial society, and co organized by the Journal of financial electronization and the Institute of financial informatization. More than 260 representatives from the people's Bank of China, state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, Internet finance research institutions and IT enterprises providing Internet finance solutions gathered in the 810S to exchange and explore the development path and experience of Internet Finance under the national top-level design, with a view to jointly improving and improving the level of financial services. Zhao Qiang, vice president of ZTE, and Zhang Shunquan, general manager of ZTE's financial industry department, were invited to attend as representatives of key IT enterprises

the experimental report that can form standard data such as force value, displacement, stiffness and curve can be printed. New technology and new business types to help the development of Internet finance is one of the important topics of this meeting. The speakers shared their views and experiences on the impact of big data and cloud computing technology on the in-depth development of Internet finance. As an expert representative of IT enterprises, Wang Qingguo, director of ZTE cloud data center solutions, made a prospect analysis and outlook on the development of cloud computing and big data technology in the financial industry with the theme of smart cloud and fast finance, and described in detail the usmartdc cloud data center and goldendata big data solutions launched by ZTE, aiming at the enterprise application needs of the financial industry to realize the integration of Internet technology and the financial industry, And put forward corresponding suggestions for the implementation plan of integration. Wang Qingguo believes that due to the particularity of banking business, high consistency of data is required. It is best to cooperate with powerful manufacturers to develop smart banks based on big data distributed databases. Speaking of smart bank, Wang Qingguo focused on ZTE @gilebank smart bank solution, which takes data as the core and meets the key demands of the banking industry, such as safety and controllability, transformation and innovation, and service improvement, from the four levels of security, architecture, innovation, and service

as a representative of financial institutions, Chen Bei, deputy general manager of information technology management department of China CITIC Bank, stressed that China CITIC Bank cooperates with manufacturers to independently develop distributed databases. She said that due to the high consistency of banking business, CITIC did not copy the solutions of Internet enterprises. In terms of basic research and development, China CITIC Bank and ZTE have jointly submitted five patent applications. At present, two have been accepted: "a transaction processing method and system of distributed database system based on global transaction identification" and "a method and system of data migration, redistribution and expansion of distributed database". Finally, Chen Bei introduced CITIC's inter-bank service sharing platform after the SaaS layer financial signing ceremony, which provides services for regional banks and small banks, with a view to finally realizing the concept of bank as service and building a cloud bank with CITIC characteristics

Geomagic freeform 2017 is expected to start supply in June. In the new financial development environment in the Internet era, improving the ability of technology application and service innovation has become an inevitable choice for traditional banks. The upgrading and leap of financial interconnection, digitization, mobility and intelligence is the inevitable trend of the development of the times. ZTE has provided platform based and one-stop solutions through strong independent research and development capabilities, especially to meet the characteristic needs of the financial industry, provide customized solutions, and help customers improve efficiency and business innovation

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