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IOT and security: the rapid development promotes the new value of the security industry

IOT and security

IOT is widely used in many fields, such as intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, safe home, intelligent fire protection, industrial monitoring, elderly care, two different conclusions of measurement results, personal health and so on. Experts predict that this technology will develop into a trillion yuan high-tech market

the security field is one of the important fields of IOT application. With the full use of the IOT security project at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, we can see that the pace of IOT entering the security field is accelerating

IOT security system has different functions and characteristics from the traditional security system. The intelligent alarm host realizes the perception of the external environment by connecting a variety of wireless sensors (such as smoke, water immersion, temperature, door magnetism, gas, infrared, etc.). If there is a fire, in the initial stage of the fire, the temperature and smoke sensors can wirelessly transmit data to the alarm host, which receives the signal, then judges and sends out on-site alarm and remote alarm, so that users can take measures in time to reduce losses

IOT and vidsec have no disaster and theft

because IOT has broad development prospects in the field of security, at present, some domestic manufacturers have invested in the research and development of IOT security. How can Nanjing achieve higher filtering efficiency, more detailed separation of fields, and pass the harsh detection of regulators? Shiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. takes the lead to realize the security system of IOT architecture, From terminal products to the overall development of Internet security platform and user-side alarm receiving software. The company's new generation IOT security system is a network security system that can be installed in homes, shops, offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses and other places. The terminal host of this system is only palm size, but it can connect up to 31 wireless alarm sensors and remote controls, such as infrared, smoke, water immersion, temperature, gas and other alarm sensors, and it contains high decibel sirens in case of illegal intrusion, fire In case of accidents such as flooding, the sensor sends an alarm to vidsec disaster free terminal, which processes the alarm information, whistles on site, and captures photos and videos in real time, and then sends the text and image dual alarm information to the owner's e-mail box. At the same time, it can report to the security of the community, so that users can take measures in time to reduce losses. This product adopts advanced embedded image processing technology, which can automatically detect moving objects in the picture. Users can independently set the detection area. Once people or other objects break into these areas, an alarm will be generated, and photos and videos will be taken at the same time, which solves the problem of high false alarm rate of traditional security products and the inability to remotely identify the effectiveness of alarm information

the terminal is also designed with a port for connecting home appliances. When intelligent home appliances are connected to the terminal, users can remotely control the operation of home appliances through computers or. Before work, send a finger to home appliances. How to detect the toughness of impact samples? So, the air conditioner, water heater or rice cooker can work first. When the owner gets home, the room is as warm as spring, and the water in the water heater can just take a bath. Maybe this picture was only seen in science fiction movies before, but it is already possible for vidsec to usher in the second spring of disaster free theft in the industry

a perfect IOT security system should include:

1, security part,

2, smart home system,

3, man-machine dialogue and network system

among them, the security protection part includes monitoring and perimeter protection system (including public area monitoring, entrance and exit management), access control and voice system (including identity recognition and verification, voice greeting and drinking, etc.), family security (including precise positioning, active defense, gas alarm and processing, emergency triggering function in special cases, etc.). Smart home system includes: automatic control of lighting scene, automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity, intelligent control of background music, automatic control of doors and windows, and automatic control of home appliances. The man-machine dialogue and network system includes: man-machine dialogue system (system parameter setting, defense mode change, smart home function matching, etc.), network access control (including all system controllable equipment of security part, remote monitoring function, home control, etc.). At present, the company is committed to further development, realizing man-machine dialogue and network control, and making the existing products more perfect and humanized

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