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Internet is the means, marketing is the essence

Internet marketing, interactive marketing in the context of UGC (user generated content), what should we do

there are many ideas in PK and many theories in game. Many great "pioneers" have summarized many models worthy of learning and reference for us. The emergence of Web2.0 has given many advertisers and marketers a shot in the arm. At the same time, it has also formed a huge pressure. The research on the characteristics of new media and how to control it have become the core topic widely concerned and discussed in this circle for a time

there are many and thorough research articles on blog, BBS, SNS, Im, DM and many other new media forms. Every way of controlling and functioning of we media is constantly being tried and applied, and has also formed a lot of valuable experience. What this article wants to say is not what kind of we media or how to transform several kinds of we media applications. Because many foreign trade orders generally have a cycle of more than one month, it is the word "marketing" in "Internet marketing"

recently, I have seen some so-called "event marketing" cases on the Internet, including Lenovo's Red Book woman and woyo's "director Lan". The planners and executives of these events seem to have a good understanding of the Internet and the law of Internet Communication -- but are these behaviors really marketing

what is marketing? In Sonia's view, marketing is a way of communication, and the core problem of this way of communication is not what the narrator says, but what the listener hears. If we don't even want to convey what a brand is, and we don't want to communicate with consumers at all, so what else can consumers hear besides the name of a brand

there are some ancient but classic ways of advertiser operation that may be worth thinking about:

they will do SWOT analysis -- it looks silly, and now few people use it again, but the result of SWOT analysis is very important. It allows planners to more clearly draw the positioning of a brand, and positioning is the first and most critical step of marketing a brand

they will take pains to sort out the brand structure -- I believe 99% of advertisers are tired of helping a brand do audience analysis, tonality analysis, and brand essence analysis... But only through this painful process can the brand's communication be not blind

they will ponder that slogan -- it looks like a job of "slapping the forehead", but it's not. This sentence condenses the core of the whole b-constant communication strategy, and it is also the focus of the whole brand communication in a stage

the existence of Internet marketing makes many people forget the most essential things of marketing, but blindly pursue PV, click through rate and anti connection -- quantification that cannot be promised in the traditional advertising era has finally become possible in the Internet era

Coca Cola's "torch relay" activities used its IM tools, its own minisite, and a large number of blog, BBS, and email communications. The event has a wide range of influence, and even triggered a scramble for coverage by print media. More importantly, the core message of the whole event is that Coca Cola is participating in the Olympic torch relay, and the brand spirit of Coca Cola is gradually infiltrated and carried forward in the whole process

since we media is also called media, it can't be separated from its own attributes - it has target audiences, it has its own communication characteristics, it has its own bearing form, and it also has its own brand value. We media has been raised to a very high position. It has high cost performance, strong communication power, strong concealment, and rich forms... We media is enough to make marketers crazy, but if you master the media itself, should you spare some time and energy to think about the brand

for most brands, Internet may not be strong enough to be completely independent of all marketing work -- as indispensable as traditional media, channel construction and ground promotion are still indispensable marketing means for most brands. The existence of Internet makes brands have richer complementary marketing means. Since it can make the communication richer and fuller, why do you blindly pursue the click through rate

Internet Marketing -- Internet is the means, and marketing is the essence

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