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The Internet legal system is gradually becoming a technological innovation challenge still exists

the Internet legal system is gradually becoming a technological innovation challenge still exists

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since this year, the "downtime door" frequently exposed in the Internet industry has pushed the network safety problem to the forefront of public opinion, and it is more urgent to promote legislation in the field of network safety. The daily economy learned from the 2015 China Internet conference yesterday (July 23) that the current Internet legal system has basically taken shape, including general law and special law. "The general law is regarded as the application of traditional law to Internet legal relations, and the special law regulates Internet legal relations in view of the uncertainty of project land," said Li Changxi, deputy director of the Regulation Bureau of the state Internet information office, The future Internet legislation will focus on network information services, network security protection and network social management

about how to build a perfect legal supervision system at present, where is the challenge. Li Changxi said that the challenges currently encountered by the Internet legislation mainly include: first, the challenges of information and communication technology, such as the rapid development of technology and applications, as well as the challenges brought by virtualization, interactivity and wide area; 2、 The comprehensive challenges of application and service, such as the diversity of social relations, behaviors and subjects; 3、 Challenges to the traditional legal system include cognitive issues and methodological issues

in this regard, Si Xiao, general manager of Tencent public strategic research department and Secretary General of Tencent Research Institute, also said that the limitation of written law is that the formulation of law always lags behind the lag of practical development; In addition, legislation is often lack of foresight, leading to the defect of insufficient tension. Therefore, legislative gaps and excessive legislation coexist

at the forum yesterday, Shi Yuchun, deputy director of the policy, regulation and judicial regulation department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, was interviewed by the daily economy. When asked about how to continuously improve the protection of personal information security by laws and regulations in the face of continuous innovation in models and technologies, Shi Yuchun said, "There is a special situation in personal information protection, which involves not only the competent departments of network, but also different departments in a wide range of fields, such as medical treatment, education, transportation, etc. based on this feature, this is also one of the directions to improve the laws and regulations of personal information protection. In the next step, it is necessary to study and demonstrate the special legislation of personal information protection."

Shi Yuchun pointed out in the printing process of PLA materials that in this process, in addition to the organization of government departments, it also requires the participation of the industry, including entrusting experts to draft the user's personal information protection regulations, and widely listening to the opinions of enterprises, industry figures and citizens

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