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IOT cloud: a reliable choice to realize IOT

IOT and cloud computing may be the two hottest words in the industry at present. When IOT meets cloud computing, IOT cloud came into being. Although there are many cloud computing solutions, the proposal of cloud computing solutions specifically for IOT has earned enough attention

if we say that in the past two years, the industry is still hyping the concept of cloud computing, and there are few actual cases. In 2010, I can fully feel the true charm of cloud computing. Wuxi Software Park, Dongying Software Park, Beijing University of technology, Capital University of economics and trade, and the National Seismological Bureau have all established cloud computing centers

many applications and services are also put on the cloud. Which applications are the killer applications of cloud computing? IBM proposed IOT cloud at the cloud computing Summit Forum on June 11. IOT cloud provides a unified service delivery platform for various IOT applications

IOT cloud solves massive computing problems

IOT actually inherently needs cloud computing. Building IOT requires three foundations: 1 Sensors and other electronic components. 2. Transmission channels, such as telecommunications. 3. Efficient, dynamic and scalable computing resource processing capability. Among them, laying the third foundation, cloud computing mode is the best path at present

more entities are connected to the Internet, forming the connection between things, which generates a lot of information, requiring analysis and calculation. Traditional data centers require a lot of hardware resources and maintenance costs, which is difficult to meet the development needs of IOT. The integration and development of IOT applications require the sharing of a large amount of information and the unification of the platform in the process of quarterly maintenance, which is a huge challenge to the traditional IT architecture

at the same time, the service delivery mode of cloud computing can simplify the delivery of services, increase the interconnection between IOT and interconnection and their internal interconnection, realize the rapid innovation of new business models, and promote the intelligent integration of IOT and interconnection

zhu Jinzhi, general manager of IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Center, said that IOT cloud can provide massive computing and storage resources for IOT applications, provide unified data storage formats and data processing and analysis means, and also provide application integration interfaces, which can greatly simplify the application delivery process, reduce delivery costs, establish an ecosystem composed of application developers, operators and users, and promote the development of IOT industry

from the architecture diagram of IOT cloud released by IBM, we can see that cloud computing is required at all levels of IOT, that is, the three-tier architecture of IAAs, PAAS and SaaS

something + 3G Internet + cloud computing = IOT. Lu Jianhao, general manager of Wuxi Taihu cloud computing center, simply gave the formula. Isomething stands for iPad, iPhone and other terminals. He believes that all data and processing involved in IOT will be implemented in cloud computing, which can provide supercomputing capabilities for analysis and optimization, making it easier to create more applications

the ongoing project called super cloud computing in Wuxi is providing support for IOT cloud. Wuxi's IOT and cloud computing are very famous. We have done some work and hope to integrate the two resources. Lu Jianhao said that Wuxi has the first Supercomputing Center in Jiangsu, which can do 20trillion calculations. After having cloud computing, we thought, why not use cloud computing to transform it? After the completion of the super cloud computing project, it will provide Wuxi IOT with a powerful background processing system

colleges and universities open high-performance computing cloud

in addition to proposing IOT cloud, many users who have started cloud projects have expressed their views on the IBM cloud computing Summit Forum. The cloud computing experimental platform of Beijing University of technology is a high-performance computing and data center solution based on cloud computing, which is vividly called science and education cloud. This cloud provides high-performance computing resources and services for schools, enterprises, governments and open source communities, creating a new IT resource service and supply model for Chinese educational and scientific research institutions. However, for high stiffness materials or samples that need to limit plastic activity conditions and small plastic values to measure the elastic limit, the platform entered the trial period in April this year

Di Ruihua, Professor of the school of computer science at Beijing University of technology and deputy director of the grid center, said that the platform serves teaching and scientific research and supports Beijing

in terms of teaching and scientific research, in addition to Beigong University's own scientific research projects, the above is the relevant knowledge shared by technicians today about the common abnormalities of the spring change experimental machine in the operation process. Other university scientific research projects, such as gene research, which require high-performance computing, can be done on this platform. Beijing invests a lot of money in the informatization upgrading of various units every year. Can we save these investments in informatization construction through cloud computing technology? Beijing University of technology received the research topic of Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, e-government management mode under the trend of cloud computing. E-government, including office system, business system, and the window of the capital and other systems to serve the public. Which of these businesses is suitable for the cloud, if on the cloud, whether on the public cloud or on the private cloud, and which businesses are simply not on the cloud, are the subject of research

medical cloud computing new market

the new medical reform plan proposes to build regional medical treatment and everyone can share health records, which makes the medical industry likely to become one of the industries most in need of cloud computing

the focus of everyone's access to basic medical care is at the community grass-roots level and in rural areas, where the majority of China's population is concentrated. In 2009, the Ministry of health set a target of 50% of urban residents' health records and 30% of rural residents' health records in 2011 in the guiding opinions on standardizing the management of health records of urban and rural residents. However, many rural areas do not have funds and manpower to access the system

Wang Xuefeng, senior vice president and technical director of Hangzhou venture Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou venture software), was deeply touched by this. Hangzhou venture software has entered the medical industry since 1997. At present, the number of domestic employees has exceeded 800 and the number of users has exceeded 3000. Everyone is optimistic about medical informatization. As an insider, I fully realize that it is not easy. We were very tired before 2007. After the introduction of the new medical reform policy in 2009, great changes have taken place in the market. Even if the market rises, there are still many problems in this industry at present. Said Wang Xuefeng

Wang Xuefeng summarized the problem into three aspects. First, the customer is immature, the application standards are not unified, the need to change all day, and the workload is very large. Second, capital is also a big problem. The informatization funds of medical institutions are insufficient, especially in the central and western regions and vast rural areas. Third, medical institutions lack professional and technical personnel. As an enterprise, we have done a lot of thinking and Research on these problems, and thought of many local methods. Later, we were very surprised to find that cloud technology was simply born to solve these problems

the characteristics of cloud computing, such as rapid delivery, reduced initial investment and reduced maintenance costs, are very suitable for the promotion of electronic medical records and resident health records in rural areas and central and western regions. Hangzhou venture software chose to cooperate with IBM to provide users with solutions for the medical industry based on cloud computing platform. Not long ago, Tianjian medical also announced to build a regional medical informatization solution based on IBM cloud computing architecture

ibm announced the launch of the cloud engine cloud computing partner certification program, which stipulates that business partners authorized by IBM software can obtain IBM cloud computing architecture certification and sales authorization if they obtain the certification of public and private cloud computing solution development capability based on IBM software

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