The hottest Internet Conference opens in Zhejiang.

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The Internet Conference opened in Zhejiang. Did you get on the high-speed train of Internet

on December 16, the three-day Second World interconnection conference kicked off in the beautiful Jiangnan Water Town and the Millennium ancient town with pink walls and black tiles. President Xi's important speech on promoting the reform of the global Internet governance system and jointly building a community of shared future in cyberspace not only deeply explained China's position and proposition on Internet governance, but also fully displayed China's strategic vision, openness, and spirit of cooperation as a major country in cyberspace, as well as China's image as a negative power with peaceful development and win-win cooperation, injecting "Chinese wisdom" into promoting cyberspace connectivity and shared governance

in today's world, information technology represented by Internet is changing with each passing day, leading to new changes in social production, creating a new space for human life, expanding new areas of national governance, and greatly improving human ability to understand and transform the world. Since China officially joined the Internet in 1994, a great information revolution has been advancing rapidly with an irreversible momentum. Today, China has become a network country attracting worldwide attention - the Internet penetration rate is close to half, 670 million people, more than 4.13 million stations, more than 300 Internet related listed enterprises, and the network has been deeply integrated into economic and social development and people's lives; The contribution rate of Internet to economic growth has reached 7%. Many young entrepreneurs invariably focus on the Internet industry. Now the whole country has stood on the "Internet +" tuyere; The process of Internet legalization has been rapidly promoted, and more than 40 relevant laws and regulations have been promulgated and implemented to maintain network security in accordance with the law and vigorously dispel the "network haze"

President Xi said: "The world is more colorful because of the Internet, and life is richer because of the Internet. But at the same time, we should also clearly see that the problems of unbalanced development, imperfect rules and unreasonable order in the Internet field are becoming increasingly prominent. On the one hand, the information gap between different countries and regions is widening, and the existing network governance rules are difficult to reflect the wishes and interests of most countries; on the other hand, violations of personal privacy, intellectual property rights Network crimes occur from time to time, and network monitoring, network attacks, network terrorist activities have become a global public hazard. Internet has turned the world into a real global village and made the international community more and more a community of shared destiny. In the face of these problems and challenges, the international community urgently needs to make changes, strengthen dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and trust, promote the reform of the interconnected global governance system, jointly build a network space of peace, security, openness and cooperation, and establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent Global interconnected governance system. "

how does the global Internet governance system change? The principle of sovereign equality is the basic principle of contemporary international relations, which covers all fields and naturally applies to cyberspace; Cyberspace should not become a battlefield for countries to wrestle with, let alone a hotbed of crimes; To maintain the order of cyberspace, we must adhere to the concept of solidarity, mutual trust and mutual benefit, and abandon the old concept of zero sum game and winner take all; Cyberspace is not a "place outside the law". We should not only advocate freedom as the revision of national standards continues, but also maintain order and let the Internet operate healthily on the track of the rule of law. These principles are full of foresight and have laid an ideological foundation for the international community to work together to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace. A community of shared future in cyberspace is not only an idea, but also a common action of all countries. Build a cultural exchange and sharing platform, promote exchanges and mutual learning, promote exchanges and mutual learning of world excellent cultures, and promote emotional and spiritual exchanges among people of all countries at the same time; Promote the innovative development of the Internet economy, promote common prosperity, promote the development of investment and trade worldwide, and promote the development of the global digital economy; To ensure the safety of cyberspace, promote orderly development, promote the formulation of international rules of cyberspace generally accepted by all parties, and jointly maintain the peace and security of cyberspace; To build an interconnected governance system and promote fairness and justice, we should adhere to multilateral participation and participation, and reflect the wishes and interests of most countries in a more balanced manner. These pragmatic propositions fell 12.3% year-on-year On the whole, this year is strong, pointing out the basic path for the establishment of a new global connectivity governance system of connectivity, sharing and co governance. It shows China's profound thinking on the future development of cyberspace, and highlights China's negative image and responsibility as a big country. The international community should join hands, uphold the concept of a community of shared future, and create a beautiful era of shared governance for the international cyberspace

the ranking is in no order, only showing some guests attending the conference.

this conference gathered senior leaders from all over the world and elites in the industry, and the leaders who affect the future of Internet gathered again. The Internet has leveled the earth, and everything is connected. It is people's "rigid need" like the air. Internet has a natural love for cooperation and sharing, and is activating the driving force of innovation

on the afternoon of December 16, the "Internet +" forum was first launched to discuss the topic of "Internet financial innovation and development". During the release of achievements, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent jointly launched an initiative to establish the "China Internet + alliance". The alliance aims to undertake the society and coordinate the establishment of a new mechanism of CO governance of government, enterprises and social organizations. The concept is equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, integration and innovation, openness and win-win results. The goal is to promote national interconnection + action. And focus on relevant enterprises to "go out to sea together", jointly explore the international market and strengthen overseas cooperation. Enhance the influence and competitiveness of Chinese products and standards in the global market

the second world Internet Conference opened the "Internet +" forum, and first discussed the topic of "Internet financial innovation and development". How to innovate the financial model to meet the inclusive needs of the people. How to coordinate the "two hands" of market and supervision to reduce financial risks. How to do a good job in information services and promote the sustainable development of Internet Finance? Become the focus of attention of guests. Lai Zhiming, vice president of Tencent group, Internet financial services is the "connector" of future business, which is breaking the limitations of physics and time and space. Bridging the gap between users and services: "Inclusive finance can be achieved through mobility and productization. At the same time, we should continue to build financial boutiques along the path of social and life-oriented development. After more than three hours of discussion, the participants reached a consensus of four points: continuous innovation to make Internet Finance full of vitality; inclusive of the public to make Internet Finance full of charm; healthy development is a major test for Internet finance; economic growth depends on financial information services Strong support of business. Guests said that they would seize the golden opportunity to promote financial information services to a higher level and boost China's economic development

some guests took group photos with President Xi

Internet is the common home of mankind. The international community will work together to promote connectivity, shared governance, and jointly build a community with a shared future in cyberspace. We will surely make this home more beautiful, cleaner, safer, and better benefit all mankind

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