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Internet once again spring breeze

SARS vs internet life

government departments use the Internet to work, transmit government information, hold video conferences, and arrange deployment. The normal economic activities of some enterprises depend on network means to continue. Because of SARS, the Luo economy has obtained a sudden expansion of business opportunities, the sales of e-commerce stations have been rising, and the new economic interest zone represented by the Luo video conference has become prominent. Browsing, shopping, online games, learning, E-M ail and SMS, online movies... Because of SARS, people have never relied on Internet

"SARS" tests e-government

the impact of combating "SARS" on the work of government departments is obvious. Various meetings and government activities of many government departments have been cancelled or postponed, and the daily work of government agencies has also been affected to a certain extent

all departments at all levels in Sichuan province make full use of the party and government to work. At present, the number of office cadres in the province has increased significantly, with an increase of more than 30%

during the "SARS" period, the public hopes to know relevant information in time through government stations and strengthen interaction with the government. This requirement is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, the basic task of "publishing information" in E-government has become particularly important

the special topic and service column of "SARS prevention and control" launched by Kunming government public information, through government announcements, daily epidemic notification and other columns, conveys the latest trends of the epidemic and the latest measures of the government at the first time. As a bridge between the government, enterprises and citizens, Kunming government portal plays an important role

compared with this, more governments have not done enough in timely and accurate release of epidemic information, and there is still a big gap from the expectations of the people and the role that e-government can play. An investigation showed that some governments did not give full play to their due role in the publicity of the static change experiment in the prevention and treatment of SARS. The vast majority of government stations in medium-sized cities at the prefecture level have relatively little content on combating SARS. Even in some people's Government stations in areas with high incidence of SARS, except for some regular media reprints, almost no relevant information can be found. There are also a few stations that just do a special topic of SARS to link to other stations. However, some government stations cannot be opened and the information is outdated

"SARS" provides development opportunities for e-government

however, facing this opportunity, most government stations are not fully prepared. They also need to be tested in many ways

e-commerce was "surprised"

2 it was during the "SARS" period that great importance was attached to the task of building a new system for the new material industry, and the business activities of enterprises continued on the Internet

on April 28, entering the Lenovo Group's station, Lenovo entered the conference of Lenovo's bid change. Now Lenovo announced the birth of the company's new brand logo in the form of the previous conference. AMD's 64 bit server chip press conference also adopts the way of live teleconference. Yi's first quarter earnings conference was changed to a conference

portable computers, Internet, television, conferences and other modern office facilities are playing an unprecedented role in the SARS era. The application of these devices has minimized people's close contact and blocked the transmission of the disease. They are important means to ensure that all enterprises and institutions can work normally in extraordinary times

on the one hand, these network office equipment reduce the economic losses of enterprises. On the other hand, SARS has created business opportunities for "networking meetings". Compared with such "emerging market tide", the popularity of shopping has made e-commerce, which has been dull for a long time, see real "economic vitality". SARS has changed people's consumption habits. More and more people choose to shop in order to reduce the chance of contacting people and reduce the probability of being infected with SARS. As a result, the business of several Shangshang malls in China has increased on a large scale

the sales volume of excellence in the first 20 days of April reached 15million yuan, an increase of 25% over the whole March, while the growth rate of subscription and SMS subscription was even as high as 40%. Since April, Dangdang's traffic has surged by 20% over March, and its sales have also increased by 30% year-on-year. The average number of daily bids on eBay increased from more than 30000 in March this year to more than 40000 in mid May, and the average daily trading volume soared by nearly 1/3

in addition to retail stations, e-commerce stations that provide business information for enterprises are also more popular than usual. The recent statistics of Alibaba website reflect this trend: the number of new members increased by 50% over the previous quarter, and the number of new business opportunities per day increased by three times over last year

"SARS" highlights some advantages of e-commerce. The business opportunities of e-commerce have been amplified by the accidental opportunities brought by SARS, and more and more business trade has moved towards electronization

the number of members of CHEMCHINA has recently increased by 10% to 20%. At present, the trading volume of China's cocoon and silk market has accounted for more than 80% of the total trading volume. The Canton Fair adopted the negotiation method for the first time, accounting for $1.3 billion of the total export transactions of $4.42 billion

"virtual world" is booming

"SARS" has made some "future" life scenes "come" ahead of schedule ", among which" learning "is the most concerned

recently launched the "video classroom for primary and secondary schools" public welfare education project for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools to use the Internet platform to learn and browse for free. On the "2003 excellent recruitment remote consultation platform", students and parents facing the college entrance examination can obtain the details of each university, and can also exchange the enrollment situation with the relevant person in charge of the university through the interactive function of the platform

in the extraordinary period when most schools and training institutions in Beijing have suspended classes and waited for notice, for those who are unwilling to go out and are in urgent need of training and charging, network education has become a dizzying attraction. In the past month, the number of students in New Oriental network classroom has reached 1.6 times that of the same period last year

in the survey of "network life during SARS" conducted by Qianlong, in the survey of "are you willing to know effective and practical learning information through the network without going out", 75% of 595 people chose "of course, it saves time and effort"

entertainment has also received the same opportunity

due to SARS, "surfing" has become an entertainment choice for more people. Among them, the most popular is network games. The clamping force of the sample will change with wear. The stations in Beijing, Xi'an and Chongqing under Lianzhong are full every day. Once you exit the game, it is not easy to log in again. Since late April, the number of people at the station has increased significantly, by more than 50%. The number of registered users of several popular online games among young people, such as legend, heaven, knight, red moon and Magic Baby, has increased significantly, and the sales of game point cards have increased a lot

in addition to online games, with the popularity of broadband, watching movies has also become a way of entertainment for many people. It's a good enjoyment to match the computer with two good speakers and watch blockbusters

in addition, chatting and making friends have also become leisure means for young people. During the May Day holiday, Sina chat room set a record of 54000 people at the same time. According to statistics, since March, Sina's subscribers have soared by 25%, the number of newly registered SMS users and daily sending volume have increased by more than 30%, and the number of game users has increased by 20-30%

image of SARS vs Internet

tips for in-depth reading:

exaggerated false propaganda, shoddy quality, ineffective privacy protection measures, constant network disputes, full of "SARS" rumors... The "anti Africa" page of a 9-year-old girl, "SARS patients meet their families, white angels' weddings... Because of" SARS ", we have the opportunity to experience a rich and colorful internet life" in advance ", Because of SARS, we "suddenly" found that when the Internet can be loaded, the action should be light and stable to give us more protection for our survival. Because of SARS, we have an opportunity to pay full attention to the image of the Internet

rumors are worrying everywhere.

when the war against SARS was launched across the country, rumors spread everywhere with the help of networks and other electronic means

since April 25, some users in Guangdong Province have received text messages about rumors of "SARS". By April 26, users across the province forwarded as many as 2.13 million such rumors

similar rumors have been found in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hebei, Liaoning, Hubei and other parts of the country. According to the Ministry of public security on May 8, in late April, the public security organs of 17 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Guangdong and Hebei, investigated and dealt with a total of 107 cases of using the Internet and SMS to spread rumors through the "SARS" problem according to law, including 12 criminal detentions according to law, 33 Public Security detentions, 20 fines, 25 Administrative warnings, and 24 criticism and education

the spread of these rumors has hindered the prevention and control of SARS and the stability of social order. At the same time, it has also damaged the image of the Internet

however, compared with this, facing the network business opportunities brought by SARS, the unfair competition between some e-commerce stations is even more disappointing. The entanglement between excellence and Dangdang happens to be in front of the golden business opportunities of e-commerce created by SARS. Industry insiders believe that it is because both sides compete for business opportunities at this time that page content plagiarism will suddenly break out. After all, for Shangshang mall, attracting more eyeballs means the possibility of winning more profits

in addition, in the face of business opportunities, some shopping malls are eager for quick success and instant benefits, and some problems that have always existed in shopping are more obvious. Some stations make exaggerated and false propaganda for commodities. There are also businesses that do not deliver goods in time, the quality of goods is poor, the goods sold do not bear the "Three Guarantees", and the privacy protection and transaction security measures are not very perfect. Some manufacturers use the Internet to sell all kinds of fake and shoddy goods related to "anti Africa" from time to time

love in the central government

as opposed to rumors and interest disputes, it is the "anti Africa" station of 9-year-old girl yuan rishe

the anti SARS station made by yuan rishe, a fourth grade student of Beijing donggaofang primary school, has been visited by nearly 100000 people. It has become the spiritual home of some front-line medical staff. Many anti SARS front-line medical staff log in to this station to draw spiritual support and strength during their rest. Like yuan rishe, there are many people who maintain their network image with kindness

some stations and radio media in Hong Kong officially launched the "network care action" on May 12. At the same time, the first domestic SAR s thematic Internet platform "decisive battle against SARS" was officially launched on May 12, the day of the international nurses' day

recently, weddings have also appeared, adding a lot of festive atmosphere to the Internet during the SARS period. On the morning of May 2, a real "wedding ceremony" was held between the conference room on the second floor of Beijing Xiaotangshan SARS special hospital and Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. The bride Shi shaorui is a hospital nurse, and the groom Cao Lei is a bank clerk. The wedding scheduled for May Day was due to the lack of history

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