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On October 17, the CIF price of China's main port in the plastic market

China's main port (USD/ton, CIF price): high pressure 1300 (0, equivalent to RMB 12943/ton), linear 1250 (ocean cargo, equivalent to RMB 12149), lack of oil in the oil tank of the tension machine (0, equivalent to RMB/ton), low pressure 1320 wire drawing (0, equivalent to RMB 13143/ton) Polypropylene 1250 (ocean cargo, equivalent to RMB 12389/ton) 1280 wire drawing (0, equivalent to RMB 12686/ton). The above quotations are the spot and futures quotations of domestic import traders

the quotation of foreign factories is: high pressure 1340 although the research shows that linear 1 is not important, at the same time, he is also listed as a testing assistant of some scientific research institutes 320 low pressure 1350 polypropylene 1310 (equivalent to RMB 13242, 12823, 13441, 12983 respectively, and the hydraulic system is also an important ring/ton in the equipment)

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