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On October 16, PP Market Overview everywhere

today, the PP market quotation in Taizhou continued to fall, and transactions were rare. The mainstream quotation of Qingdao/Changsheng/Zhenhai T30S fell to yuan/ton, and the actual transaction was still preferential; The mainstream quotation of v30g is RMB/ton; A small amount of Z30S is quoted at 10000 yuan/ton. Traders have a bad mentality and continue to be bearish on the market

the PP market in Hangzhou is depressed, traders are pessimistic, continue to sell goods at low prices, and middlemen and downstream continue to wait and see; The quotation of Zhenhai/Shaoxing T30S is about yuan/ton, and that of Yangzi F401 is about yuan/ton. A single deal is negotiated; The mainstream quotation of copolymer is yuan/ton, and the transaction is negotiable

the PP market price around Puyang continued to decline slightly. Although some merchants still insisted on high quotations, there was basically no deal. It is said that the actual price of T30S is about 9000 yuan/ton, and higher prices are false. Small and medium-sized merchants are delisting and waiting, while large businesses are selling upside down, so they are very bearish about the future market

the PP market in Guangzhou continues to be weak and low. At present, the quotation of T30S in Dalian, Daqing and Hainan is 9500 yuan/ton, and that of Maoming nt30s is slightly higher than 9600 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, the price impact toughness test and the service conditions of some parts bearing repeated impact loads vary relatively little. The quotation of Daqing and Hainan v30g is about 10200 yuan/ton, that of Guangzhou cjs700 is 10300 yuan/ton, and that of Maoming 160 is 10200 yuan/ton. In terms of copolymers, the quotation of Guangzhou j641 is 11300 yuan/ton, and that of Maoming EPS30R is 11300 yuan/ton. The business mentality is extremely poor, continue to wait and see

the PP market in Shantou continues to weaken and fall. At present, the delivery price of Fulian T30S futures is 8900 yuan/ton, the spot price is 8980 yuan/ton, and the spot price of Hainan T30S is 8980 yuan/ton. The delivery price of Hainan v30g futures is 9300 yuan/ton without a ticket. Although the spot price is one of the major factors considered by the purchaser, the quotation is 9400 yuan/ton. The atmosphere is still bleak, businesses continue to wait and see, and their mentality is pessimistic

the PP market in Nanjing continued to fall sharply, and traders were extremely pessimistic; The mainstream quotation of F401 is yuan/ton, and the quotation of T30S is yuan/ton. A single deal is negotiated; The copolymer market also fell sharply. The quotation of j340/k8003 is about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction can be discussed again

Shunde PP market was weak and fell yesterday afternoon. The quotation this morning was temporarily maintained, but there was still no deal. Merchants expected that the price might continue to decline this afternoon. At present, Maoming nt30s has no ticket to report yuan/ton. The quotation of Dalian T30S is 9000 yuan/ton, the quotation of Hainan T30S is 9000 yuan/ton, the quotation of Maoming ept30r is 10700 yuan/ton, and the quotation of Guangzhou j641 is 10200 yuan/ton. The market trend is sluggish, and the mentality of merchants is still very poor

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