Hottest October 16, 2006 1500 China Plastics index

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At 15:00 on October 16, 2006, China Plastics index



rise and fall

China Plastics warehouse receipt index


↑ 4.01 how can you manipulate and switch with unknown results as conditions? So in practice,

China Plastics spot index


↓ 1.02

China plastics composite index


↑ 1.75

stimulated by the rising price of futures oil, the market closed hard today, ending the four consecutive negative state, but the rebound is limited. In early trading, the market was mainly high open, and the oscillation adjustment was maintained after the linear rise. The majority of purchases were made, and the high sentiment was heavier; PP warehouse receipts reversed at the end of the session, and the overall rise stopped and fell, and the rebound momentum was insufficient. The composite index rose slightly, the market mentality felt that the market was guaranteed only if there was a brand, and there was no obvious correction in technical indicators. Judging from the disk situation, traders began to build a large number of positions, and the market may usher in a new wave of market

today, the ex factory price of domestic petrochemicals remained stable as a whole, among which the prices of LLDPE and PVC were reduced by about yuan/ton. In terms of the spot market, the raw material market of Yuyao plastic city is generally stable, some of which have been reduced. In order to stimulate consumer prices, traders have slightly loosened, but the downstream demand continues to be depressed, the market mentality is poor, and the transaction is still clear 500 (1) 000mm 2

source of information: China plastics trading

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