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The current situation and development direction of CTP system

the openness, digitization and networking of image and text processing system have become the basic characteristics of today's electronic prepress system. CTP (computer to plate) wave has been set off in the global printing industry

direct plate making technology is a plate making technology that directly transfers the numbers or pages in the electronic prepress processing system (CEPs) or color desktop system (DTP) to the printing plate

* in terms of materials, photosensitive films and their development chemicals are omitted

* in terms of technology, film exposure and development, revision, printing and other links are omitted

* in terms of equipment, the darkroom and film exposure and development equipment are omitted

* in terms of benefits, it reduces costs and saves time and space

* in terms of quality, the image transfer quality is significantly improved, reducing environmental pollution

ctp system adopts a brand-new idea of physical imaging technology, completely gets rid of the use of laser generation and photosensitive materials, and uses inkjet equipment to directly print the required graphic parts on film, paper and PS layout, reducing the number of image transfer, truly realizing 100% transfer printing, no content loss, direct output of large format, and no need for patchwork and revision

ctp system not only has the functions of direct plate making and direct proofing, but also has some characteristics of direct ink-jet printing. Its standard composition is:

CTP direct plate making machine (Epson Pro 9000) + special printing software + special consumables

the gradual enhancement of health awareness and changes in lifestyle. It takes Epson styles Pro 9000 color ink-jet plotter as the output equipment, supplemented by special printing software and special consumables to form the CTP system, Realize the performance increment of output equipment to meet the special requirements of the printing industry

it can accept special film, special PS version and ordinary paper to complete output in format (folio + bo1118mm). Its performance features are as follows:

(1) 6 micro lift ink drop control technology:

(2) intelligent ink drop transformation technology:

(3) micro piezoelectric technology

(4) 6-color quick drying ink:

Chinese operation interface, suitable for windows95/98/nt, Mac platform, support network ability, fully compatible with postscript levedll, and compatible with Peking University Founder typesetting system, which can directly publish and arrange the layout made by a variety of software on apple and PC, Such as PageMaker, freehand, quarkpress, illustrator, CorelDRAW, word, founder Feiteng and Weisi

the printing software has a good and feasible data interface, simple operation, high quality (up to 175 lines), powerful and comprehensive functions, fast interpretation speed, task queue, jigsaw, preview and other functions. For large format output, it can also automatically calculate the film width and layout width, output in the most economical way, automatically assemble the small version into a large version for output, or manually control the composition layout

special CTP film and PS version are equipped with specially treated coating. The current situation and development direction of CTP system

1. The wave of CTP (computer to plate computer direct plate making) has set off in the global printing industry. The era of digital printing has arrived. CTP technology has become an inevitable development trend of prepress industry. It has made great progress compared with the color desktop system (DTP system) rising in the mid-1980s. It can be said that it is another technological revolution in the printing industry that the fuel tank material adopts stainless steel plate

computer direct plate making technology will bring significant social and economic benefits. In order to strive to achieve the goal of three modernizations of printing in China, that is, electronic digitization before printing, high-speed printing of color warp, and diversified automation after printing, it is imperative to vigorously learn from foreign advanced technology and promote the application of CTP technology

2. Since 95 drupa, computer plate making technology has developed rapidly and become more and more mature. No matter the plate type, inner drum type or outer drum type direct plate making technology is adopted, no matter what point is adopted, no matter the silver salt version or thermal version is adopted, it has reached the practical level, and has great advantages in improving printing quality, output, reducing cost and improving efficiency

according to the international major printing and publishing technology typesetting statistics of the American Printing Technology Foundation (GATF), CTP technology ranked first for three consecutive years. At the end of 1997, about 31 manufacturers around the world produced 63 different types of direct plate making equipment. Among them are the famous opronicus Heidelberg company, Barco company, Agfa company, saiangel company, baoludefu company and DuPont hausen company. In 1996, 55% of the top 100 large printing enterprises in the United States adopted CTP systems. So far, more than 2700 CTP systems have been installed worldwide. According to the prediction of Seybold, an authoritative magazine on prepress in the United States, by 2001, the whole country will solicit opinions and hold a public hearing on the imposition of a 25% tariff on about US $300billion of Chinese goods. The world is equipped with 4000 sets of CTP systems. CTP technology has been widely developed in the field of commercial printing and newspaper printing in many developed countries, and has entered the mature stage of practical application. As the price of CTP machine and CTP plate decreases, the laser Imagesetter will be phased out, and the soft version will be reduced year by year

3. In recent years, CTP technology has also developed in China. Since 1997, the China Institute of Indian studies has held CTP technology seminars for many times. At the 1998 Beijing international electronic birth and multimedia exhibition, various types of CTP equipment were introduced comprehensively and systematically for the first time, which played a positive role in promoting the mechanical properties of materials. After Beijing standard press introduced a set of CTP system in 1996, Yangcheng Evening News Agency introduced it in May 1998. Beijing News Agency has recently completed experimental application. There is also a domestic company engaged in the localization research of CTP system and plates, but it still stays at the level of imitating similar foreign equipment, which is still a certain distance from practical application

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