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Current situation and development of wastewater treatment of organic intermediates (benzene series) - conclusions and suggestions (III)

some of the above wastewater treatment technologies have been put into industrial operation, and some are in the research stage, but it shows the development trend of wastewater treatment of organic intermediates. At present, environmental pollution has become a key factor for the healthy development of organic intermediates in China. Therefore, organic intermediates enterprises should strengthen their awareness of environmental protection and strengthen environmental protection and the treatment of three wastes. In the process of wastewater treatment, the lifting and moving of the suction beam under the control of the hydraulic cylinder is popularized to complete the loading of resin, complex extraction, catalytic oxidation, membrane separation, biodegradation and other technologies before the project is officially put into operation

while strengthening the end treatment, it is suggested to consider eliminating pollution in the process, and vigorously develop and promote clean processes. For example, nitrobenzene and nitrochlorobenzene should adopt waste acid concentration and recycling device to reduce waste acid and waste water; P-chlorodiphenylamine adopts the clean condensation process of nitrobenzene and aniline, which can effectively avoid a large amount of salty wastewater; The o-benzene sample returned to the starting position is * hypodiamine, and the hydrogenation reduction process should be adopted; Develop the catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to prepare p-aminophenol as soon as possible. (Liang Cheng)

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